Reorganization Agreement definition

Reorganization Agreement means the Agreement and Plan of Reorganization, dated September 26, 2002, by and among the Significant Stockholder, Allfirst Financial Inc. and M&T Bank Corporation, as amended or supplemented from time to time.
Reorganization Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals.

Examples of Reorganization Agreement in a sentence

Based on our understanding of the Reorganization Agreement the transaction appears akin to a reverse recapitalization equivalent to the issuance of stock by Vegas Winners, Inc.

As a result of the Reorganization Agreement it appears that you succeeded to substantially all of the business of Vegas Winners, Inc.

Pursuant to the Reorganization Agreement (as defined below), prior to the Closing Date and prior to the Reorganization, FTOC changed its jurisdiction of incorporation by deregistering as a Cayman Islands exempted company and continuing and domesticating as a corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware (the “Domestication”).

Pursuant to the Share Exchange and Reorganization Agreement, the Seymour Worldwide, Inc.

The exchange was consummated under Delaware law and pursuant to the terms of that certain Share Exchange and Reorganization Agreement effective as of March 4, 2005.

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Reorganization Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals.
Reorganization Agreement means the Master Reorganization Agreement dated as of May 2, 2014, by and among the Company, PubCo and the Persons listed on signature pages thereto, as it may be amended, supplemented or restated from time to time.
Reorganization Agreement means the Reorganization and Transaction Agreement dated August 17, 2015, by and among PQ Holdings Inc., PQ Group Holdings Inc., Eco Merger Sub Corporation, the Borrower, certain affiliated investment funds of the Sponsor, Eco Services Topco LLC, Eco Services Midco LLC, Eco Services Group Holdings LLC, Eco Services Intermediate Holdings LLC and Eco Services Operations LLC.
Reorganization Agreement means the Agreement and Plan of Reorganization dated as of April 4, 2017, as amended, by and among Distributing, Liberty LLC and Splitco.
Reorganization Agreement means the Reorganization Agreement to be entered into prior to the IPO among the Partnership, the Company and the other parties signatory thereto.
Reorganization Agreement means the Reorganization Agreement, dated May 23, 2018, among the Company, Holdings and the holders of equity interests in Holdings prior to the transactions contemplated thereby.
Reorganization Agreement means the Reorganization Agreement to be entered into by TCI, TCIC, the Company and certain other subsidiaries of TCI in connection with the Distribution to provide for, among other things, the principal corporate transactions required to effect the Distribution, the conditions thereto and certain provisions governing the relationship between the Company and TCI with respect to and resulting from the Distribution.