Cheniere Energy definition

Cheniere Energy means Cheniere Energy, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
Cheniere Energy as defined in the Recitals.

Examples of Cheniere Energy in a sentence

  • Supporting comments were filed by the Marcellus Shale Coalition; the Center for Liquefied Natural Gas (CLNG); the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry; the American Petroleum Institute (API); Cheniere Energy, Inc.; Jordan Cove Energy Project L.P. (JCEP); LNG Allies; NextDecade Corp.; and Anonymous.

  • Consolidated balance sheets of Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P. and its consolidated subsidiaries.

  • Amounts include transactions between Cheniere Partners and Cheniere Energy, Inc.

  • The accompanying consolidated financial statements include the accounts of Cheniere Energy, Inc.

  • For additional information, please refer to the Cheniere Energy, Inc.

  • In November 2010, China’s ENN Energy Trading Company signed a deal with a U.S. company, Cheniere Energy Partners, to export U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) to China.

  • Unless and until otherwise determined by the Board of Directors of Cheniere Energy, Inc.

  • Cheniere Partners is a Delaware limited partnership with its primary place of business in Houston, Texas; Cheniere Energy is a Delaware corporation with its primary place of business in Houston, Texas.

  • Cheniere Energy submitted comments in support of the requests for rehearing.

  • Amounts include transactions between Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P. and Cheniere Energy, Inc.

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