CDO definition

CDO shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the definition ofQualified Institutional Lender.”
CDO has the meaning provided in the definition of the termQualified Transferee.”

Examples of CDO in a sentence

  • Specifically, the CDO must require members of its Workforce to successfully complete privacy and security training that is specifically tailored and relevant to their work duties and level of exposure to PII, and prior to when they assume responsibility for/have access to PII, and CAC must successfully complete such training prior to assuming responsibility for/having access to PII.

  • A Flight Attendant shall receive a minimum of three and one-half hours (3:30) of pay and credit for each duty period, except in the case of CDOs. A Flight Attendant on a CDO shall receive a minimum of four hours and thirty minutes (4:30) of pay and credit for each duty period.

  • CDO shall not assign its rights or delegate its performance under this Agreement without the express prior written consent of CMS.

  • Neither CDO nor Staff Member/Volunteer is, nor shall either CDO or Staff Member/Volunteer hold itself out to be, vested with any power, authority or right to act on behalf of the United States of America in any manner as an agent or representative thereof, or to bind the United States in any manner or fashion.

  • CDO and Staff Member/Volunteer shall comply with any and all applicable laws, statutes, regulations or ordinances of the United States of America, and any Federal Government agency, board or court, that are applicable to the conduct of the activities that are the subject of this Agreement, including but not limited to, any additional and applicable standards required by statute, and any regulations or policies implementing or interpreting such statutory provisions hereafter issued by CMS.

More Definitions of CDO

CDO means a collateralized debt obligation of any type, including cash flow, synthetic, and hybrid collateralized debt obligations, including collateralized loan obligations and collateralized bond obligations, and including any of these types of CDOs in which some or all of the underlying collateral was other CDOs or credit default swaps that referenced other CDOs.
CDO means New Zealand Depository Limited, including its Board, senior executives, employees, agents, and any person acting under its delegated authority;
CDO has the meaning set forth in the definition of the termQualified Transferee” in the Intercreditor Agreement.
CDO means collateralised debt obligations described in the “Investment Know-How” section below;
CDO has the meaning provided in the definition of the term “Qualified “Continuing Senior Loan Event of Default” means an Event of Default under the Senior Loan for which (i) Senior Lender has provided notice of such Event of Default to Subordinate Lender in accordance with Section 11(a) of this Agreement and (ii) the cure period provided to Subordinate Lender in Section 11(a) of this Agreement has expired.
CDO means the issuer or issuance, as applicable, of CDO Securities.
CDO means a structured asset-backed security commonly known as a “collateralized debt obligation”.