Casting Vote definition

Casting Vote means the vote that the presiding officer of the Board or Committee may exercise to break a deadlock (occasionally in addition to a regular vote as a member of the body to resolve a deadlock).
Casting Vote means an extra vote given by a chair to decide an issue when the votes on each side are equal
Casting Vote means a vote exercised by the Chairperson to break a tie vote;

Examples of Casting Vote in a sentence

  • Casting Vote In the event of a tied vote, the Chair must, unless the Act or this Local Law provides otherwise, exercise a casting vote.

More Definitions of Casting Vote

Casting Vote means a second casting vote to decide the outcome of a board decision in circumstances where a deadlock vote of the board occurs, being a vote where 50% of votes is cast in favour, and 50% of votes is cast against, a resolution put to the board; CEO means the position of chief executive officer of MergeCo from time to time appointed by the Shareholders in accordance with clause 6.2; CFO means the chief financial officer of MergeCo from time to time appointed by the Shareholders in accordance with clause 8.3; Chairman has the mean given in clause 5.6(a);
Casting Vote means one additional vote being cast by the Chairman or any such other committee member appointed to vote in the absence of the chairman, in the event of a tie in votes, once counted by the committee.
Casting Vote means vote in addition to the vote to which the Chairman or person presiding over the meeting may be entitled as a Member or a Director.
Casting Vote means a vote cast by the Chair where the votes for and the votes against a motion are equal in number. A Casting Vote must be cast in accordance with the majority of s, or in favour of the status quo.”
Casting Vote. (tie-breaking vote) means a second vote that may be exercised by a designated person (usually the Chair) to make a decision when a preceding vote has resulted in an equal number of votes for two candidates or alternative decisions. "Casual Vacancy" means a vacancy on an elected body caused by the death, resignation or removal of an elected member during a period of office.
Casting Vote means a second vote, which may only be used to break a tied vote.
Casting Vote is defined as a vote which is a condition precedent to the adoption of any measure. Such amendment or termination shall be effective when a certificate shall have been signed and acknowledged by the Chairman, Secretary or Trustee, that such action was taken at a meeting duly called and held in accordance with and by the affirmative vote required by this Instrument. Upon termination of the Fund pursuant to this Section: