Votes on Sample Clauses

Votes on an Extraordinary Resolution shall always be given on a poll and no demand for a poll on an Extraordinary Resolution shall be necessary.

Related to Votes on

  • Votes Every Voter shall have:

  • VOTES OF MEMBERS 23.1 Subject to any rights or restrictions attached to any Shares, every Member present in any such manner shall have one vote for every Share of which he is the holder.

  • Casting Vote In case of an equality of votes, the chair of a meeting of shareholders does not, either on a show of hands or on a poll, have a second or casting vote in addition to the vote or votes to which the chair may be entitled as a shareholder.

  • Number of Votes With respect to all meetings of stockholders of the Parent at which holders of shares of Parent Common Shares are entitled to vote (a "Parent Meeting") and with respect to all written consents sought by the Parent from its stockholders including the holders of shares of Parent Common Shares (a "Parent Consent"), each Shareholder shall be entitled to cast and exercise, in the manner instructed, the Voting Rights ordinarily attributable to one Parent Common Share for each Exchangeable Non-Voting Share owned of record by such Shareholder on the record date established by the Parent or by applicable law for such Parent Meeting or Parent Consent, as the case may be (the "Shareholder Votes") in respect of each matter, question or proposition to be voted on at such Parent Meeting or to be consented to in connection with such Parent Consent.

  • Proxies; Class Actions (a) The Manager has provided the Subadvisor a copy of the Manager’s Proxy Voting Policy, setting forth the policy that proxies be voted for the exclusive benefit and in the best interests of the Trust. Absent contrary instructions received in writing from the Trust, the Subadvisor will vote all proxies solicited by or with respect to the issuers of securities held by the Series in accordance with applicable fiduciary obligations. The Subadvisor shall maintain records concerning how it has voted proxies on behalf of the Trust, and these records shall be available to the Trust upon request.

  • Kick-off Meeting The goal of this subtask is to establish the lines of communication and procedures for implementing this Agreement. The Recipient shall: • Attend a “Kick-off” meeting with the CAM, the Commission Agreement Officer (CAO), and any other Energy Commission staff relevant to the Agreement. The Recipient will bring its Project Manager and any other individuals designated by the CAM to this meeting. The administrative and technical aspects of the Agreement will be discussed at the meeting. Prior to the meeting, the CAM will provide an agenda to all potential meeting participants. The meeting may take place in person or by electronic conferencing (e.g., WebEx), with approval of the CAM. The administrative portion of the meeting will include discussion of the following: o Terms and conditions of the Agreement; o Administrative products (subtask 1.1); o CPR meetings (subtask 1.3); o Match fund documentation (subtask 1.7); o Permit documentation (subtask 1.8); o Subcontracts (subtask 1.9); and o Any other relevant topics. The technical portion of the meeting will include discussion of the following: o The CAM’s expectations for accomplishing tasks described in the Scope of Work;

  • Vote Except as specifically set forth herein, the business and affairs of the Company shall be managed by or under the direction of the member(s) by majority vote.

  • Meeting of all Members If all of the Members shall meet at any time and place, either within or without the State, and consent to the holding of a meeting, such meeting shall be valid without call or notice, and at such meeting any corporate action may be taken.

  • Ballots No ballot shall be required for any election unless requested by a shareholder present or represented at the meeting and entitled to vote in the election.

  • Validity of Votes by Proxies Any vote by a Proxy in accordance with the relevant Block Voting Instruction shall be valid even if such Block Voting Instruction or any instruction pursuant to which it was given has been amended or revoked, provided that the Fiscal Agent has not been notified in writing of such amendment or revocation by the time which is 24 hours before the time fixed for the relevant Meeting. Unless revoked, any appointment of a Proxy under a Block Voting Instruction in relation to a Meeting shall remain in force in relation to any resumption of such Meeting following an adjournment; provided, however, that no such appointment of a Proxy in relation to a Meeting originally convened which has been adjourned for want of a quorum shall remain in force in relation to such Meeting when it is resumed. Any person appointed to vote at such a Meeting must be re-appointed under a Block Voting Instruction Proxy to vote at the Meeting when it is resumed.