Capital II definition

Capital II means Clear Channel Capital II, a Delaware limited liability company and, immediately after the Closing, (a) the sole member of Capital I and (b) a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company.
Capital II means SunGard Capital Corp. II, a Delaware corporation, the common stock of which is owned by SunGard Capital Corp., a Delaware corporation, and the preferred stock of which is owned by shareholders of SunGard Capital Corp.

Examples of Capital II in a sentence

  • The Prospectus also states that the Company’s investment adviser, SkyBridge Capital II, LLC (the “Adviser”), expects to recommend to the Board of Directors that the Company purchase Shares from Shareholders quarterly each year on the last business day of March, June, September and December.

  • Directors, Executive Officers, Promoters, and Control Persons---Other Blind Pool Activities.") Thus, the Company may be in competition with North Shore Capital II in seeking merger candidates.

  •■ Represented Geolo Capital II in connection with the formation of a joint venture to acquire the Talbott Hotel in Chicago, IL, and in connection with the joint venture obtaining financing for such acquisition.■ Represented KBS Strategic Opportunity REIT II, Inc.

  • The Form 10-SB registration statements of North Shore Capital II, and IV, may become effective by lapse of time on or about June 20, 2000.

  • The Executive shall devote substantially all of the Executive’s business time, attention and effort to the Company’s affairs, including services to be provided by the Company to Second City Capital II Corporation and Second City Real Estate II Corporation under the Administrative Services Agreement dated February 1, 2016, between the Company and Second City Capital II Corporation and Second City Real Estate II Corporation (the “Services Agreement”).

  • The Sponsor or any such Affiliate may not sell the Initial Investment while American Realty Capital II, LLC remains a Sponsor but may transfer the Initial Investment to American Realty Capital II, LLC or the Affiliates of American Realty Capital II, LLC or the Advisor.

  • See "Management," and "Conflicts of Interest." The Company's President and all current shareholders own all of the issued and outstanding stock of one (1) additional corporation (North Shore Capital II) which is a shell company formed February 3, 1999.

  • The Executive Board is authorized, subject to the consent of the Supervisory Board, to determine the further details of the implementation of capital increases from Authorized Capital II.

  • TDR Capital II is the sole equity holder of Sapphire, TDR Capital manages TDR Capital II, and Messrs.

  • The Supervisory Board is authorized to amend the wording of the Articles of Incorporation after the full or partial implementation of the capital stock increase from Authorized Capital II or after the expiration of the authorization period to reflect the volume of the capital increase from Authorized Capital II.

More Definitions of Capital II

Capital II has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Capital II means TWP Capital Corp. II, a Delaware corporation and a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of TWP.
Capital II. See the introductory paragraph to this Agreement. Company: See the introductory paragraph to this Agreement.

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