Camping permit definition

Camping permit means a document printed and issued by the municipality for the purposes contemplated by this by-law or the municipality’s official receipt issued against payment of the prescribed camping charges in respect of the occupation of a camping area;
Camping permit means a permit issued by the Department authorizing overnight usage of park lands.

Examples of Camping permit in a sentence

  • Camping permit; minors.All responsible persons eighteen years of age or older shall be allowed to secure a permit on their own to camp in any of the campsites.

  • Any camping vehicle, that is not a toter or attached to a race car trailer will require a “Lower Paddock” Camping permit.

  • Camping permit extensions must be obtained prior to 11:00 a.m. on the expiration date of the permit.

  • Any camping vehicle, that is not a toter or attached to a race car trailer will require a “Lower Paddock” or “Upper Overflow” Camping permit.

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  • Camping permit requests for the traditional 9-day gun deer season will be accepted starting August 1st of each year and must be received by October 31st.

  • The Camping permit must be taken to the campground so that it is available to be produced, when requested by any authorised Council employee.

  • Camping permits when purchased at Councils campground need to indicate your duration of stay in accordance with Kangaroo Island Council’s schedule of Fees and Charges.2. Annual Camping permit (Residents only) holders are permitted to camp no more than 7 consecutive nights in any one campground3.

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  • Camping permits to camp daily in Councils Campground, must be paid for BEFORE camping These can be purchased;  on site via ticket machine (cash or credit card) or iron ranger facilities (cash or cheque) Annual Camping permit (available for Residents only) are valid from 1st July to 30 June.

More Definitions of Camping permit

Camping permit means a daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal camping permit issued by the Camp Manager or designate authorizing a camper to occupy a campsite.
Camping permit means a written authorization issued by the Department which allows the holder to camp in a designated campground.
Camping permit means the form prescribed by the Township.
Camping permit means a valid and subsisting permit to camp in a campsite and which is issued pursuant to this Bylaw.
Camping permit means any permit for camping overnight that requires registration and payment of a daily fee.

Related to Camping permit

  • Operating permit means a permit issued pursuant to section 10 of this local law. The term “Operating Permit” shall also include an Operating Permit which is renewed, amended or extended pursuant to any provision of this local law.

  • Development Permit means a document authorizing a development issued pursuant to this Land Use Bylaw;

  • Parking Permit means a permit issued by the Council to residents allowing the parking of a vehicle in a residents parking bay on the highway within the area of the Council but not including a disabled person’s “purple badge” issued pursuant to Section 21 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970

  • Building Permit means a permit for the construction of one or more Units, issued by the City, or other public agency in the event the City no longer issues said permits for the construction of Units within CFD No. 11. For purposes of this definition, "Building Permits" shall not include permits for construction or installation of commercial/industrial structures, parking structures, retaining walls, and utility improvements not intended for human habitation.

  • Construction permit means a written approval from the director to construct a wastewater disposal system or part thereof in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by the department.

  • General air quality operating permit or "general permit" means an air quality operating permit that meets the requirements of ARM 17.8.1222, covers multiple sources in a source category, and is issued in lieu of individual permits being issued to each source.

  • Draft permit means a document indicating the board's tentative decision to issue or deny, modify, revoke and reissue, terminate, or reissue a permit. A notice of intent to terminate a permit, and a notice of intent to deny a permit are types of draft permits. A denial of a request for modification, revocation and reissuance, or termination is not a draft permit. A proposed permit is not a draft permit.

  • Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) means the Government Agency responsible for oversight of public procurement.

  • Planning Permission means any permission, consent or approval given under the Planning Acts;