Floodplain Development Permit definition

Floodplain Development Permit means any type of permit that is required in conformance with the provisions of this ordinance, prior to the commencement of any development activity.
Floodplain Development Permit means a permit
Floodplain Development Permit means the permit required for development activity not requiring a shoreline permit, yet located in a flood hazard area. This would be reviewed prior to the normal building permit review process.

Examples of Floodplain Development Permit in a sentence

  • CONSULTANT shall complete the City of Xxxxxxxx’x Application for Floodplain Development Permit Form, attach all relevant documents and submit it to the City.

  • CONSULTANT will obtain a Floodplain Development Permit for the CITY for the project with the Flood Study task.

More Definitions of Floodplain Development Permit

Floodplain Development Permit means either an Individual Floodplain Development Permit or a General Floodplain Development Permit issued for development in the Floodplain per the requirements of Section 6.6.16 of this Ordinance.
Floodplain Development Permit means a signed document from a designated City official authorizing development in a floodplain, including all necessary supporting documentation such as: (1) the site plan; (2) an elevation certificate; and (3) any other necessary or applicable approvals or authorizations from local, state or federal authorities.
Floodplain Development Permit means a permit issued by the Routt County Floodplain Administrator which is required before beginning development or construction in any area of special flood hazard.
Floodplain Development Permit means any permit granted under the terms and conditions of sections 9-3-2 through 9-3-8, and section 9-9-23, B.R.C. 1981, for development on land in a floodplain. (Floodplain and Critical Facilities)
Floodplain Development Permit means a permit or document issued by the jurisdiction which authorizes performance of specific development activities located in a flood hazard area that are determined to be compliant with this chapter.
Floodplain Development Permit means a permit issued by the Planning and Development Department allowing development of property that has an area of special flood hazard on it.
Floodplain Development Permit means written approval applied for and obtained in accordance with such general rules and regulations as established under provisions of this chapter.