Bottling Agreements definition

Bottling Agreements means a master bottle contract, allied bottle contract, Initial CBA or other bottling and distribution agreement, as amended, under which Company or CCR has authorized Bottler (or one of Bottler’s Affiliates) to produce and/or distribute any of the Company owned or Company licensed beverage products that are Covered Beverages or Related Products (as defined in the CBA) within a certain geographic territory.

Examples of Bottling Agreements in a sentence

  • Thus, if the Exclusive Bottling Agreements are suspended, terminated or not renewed for any reason, it would have a material adverse effect on the business and financial results.

  • Under the Exclusive Bottling Agreements, the Company is authorized to use brands and the associated trademarks owned by PepsiCo and, in the case of the Lipton brand and trademarks, Unilever N.V. Trademark licenses are registered with the Philippine Intellectual Property Office.

  • Sufficient coring shall be done to ensure satisfactory information for the evaluation of the reservoir and the necessary analyses shall be performed.

  • The Britvic Exclusive Bottling Agreements (EBAs) with PepsiCo [].

  • Following the signing of the Exclusive Bottling Agreements (‘‘EBAs’’) on 10 March 2004 the ownership of Britannia Soft Drinks Limited is now split between the Group (47.5 per cent.), Allied Domecq PLC and Whitbread PLC (each with 23.75 per cent.), and PepsiCo Inc.

  • The main risks that the Company has identified and that could possibly affect the business are as follows: Relationship with The Coca-Cola CompanyA large part of the Company’s sales derives from the sale of products whose trademarks are owned by The Coca-Cola Company, which has the ability to exert an important influence on the business through its rights under the Licensing or Bottling Agreements.

  • Mangrove forests are particularly vulnerable to oils spills since floating oil settles with the tide and smothers breathing and feeder roots plus the associated resident fauna.

  • Following the signing of the Exclusive Bottling Agreements (“EBAs”) on 10 March 2004 the ownership of Britannia Soft Drinks Limited is now split between the Group (47.5 per cent.), Allied Domecq PLC and Whitbread PLC (each with 23.75 per cent.), and PepsiCo Inc.

  • In addition, we depend on The Coca-Cola Company to renew these Bottling Agreements.

Related to Bottling Agreements

  • Seller Agreements means the Sale and Servicing Agreement, the Purchase Agreement, the Trust Agreement, [the Insurance Agreement, the Indemnification Agreement] and this Agreement. The Notes are being purchased by the Underwriters named in Schedule 1 hereto, and the Underwriters are purchasing, severally, only the Notes set forth opposite their names in Schedule 1, except that the amounts purchased by the Underwriters may change in accordance with Section 10 of this Agreement. [Name of representative of underwriters] is acting as representative of the Underwriters and in such capacity, is hereinafter referred to as the "Representative." The offering of the Notes will be made by the Underwriters and the Companies understand that the Underwriters propose to make a public offering of the Notes for settlement on _____________, 20__ as the Underwriters deem advisable. The Certificate will be retained by the Seller. Defined terms used herein shall have their respective meanings as set forth in the Sale and Servicing Agreement.

  • Interconnection Agreements means, collectively, (a) an agreement by and among Owner, TransÉnergie and ISO-NE that sets forth such parties’ respective rights and obligations following the interconnection at the U.S. Border of the NECEC Transmission Line with the Québec Line and (b) an agreement by and between Owner and ISO-NE that sets forth such parties’ respective rights and obligations following the interconnection at the Delivery Point of the NECEC Transmission Line with certain transmission facilities operated by ISO-NE. The Interconnection Agreements shall address cost responsibilities among entities other than the Distribution Company and the other RFP Sponsors and shall include provisions, both technical and otherwise, for safe and reliable interconnected operations of the HVDC Transmission Project following Commercial Operation (including use of the HVDC Transmission Project for the delivery of electric power in emergency circumstances).

  • Marketing Agreement means an agreement entered into, with the director, by producers, distributors, processors, or handlers pursuant to this act and binding only on those signing the agreement.

  • Acquisition Agreements means the Nexstar Acquisition Agreement and the Mission Acquisition Agreement, and “Acquisition Agreement” means the applicable agreement in the context used.

  • Service Agreements means the agreements in the agreed form to be entered into between the Company and each of the Founders;

  • VIE Agreements means the Exclusive Service Agreement, the Exclusive Call Option Agreement, the Shareholder Voting Rights Proxy Agreement and the Equity Pledge Agreement entered into by and among some or all of the Parties hereto on the same day this agreement is entered, including any supplemental agreements or amendments to such agreements, and any other agreements, contracts or legal documents executed or issued by one or more Parties and/or Party C’s affiliated enterprises from time to time to ensure the performance of the aforesaid agreements, signed or accepted by Party A in writing.

  • Funding Agreements means all or any of the agreements or instruments to be entered into by a Project Service Provider or any of their Associates relating to the financing of its business of providing services pursuant to the terms of any Project Agreements, excluding always the Project Agreements themselves;

  • Supply Agreements has the meaning set forth in Section 7.1.

  • Reconstitution Agreements The agreement or agreements entered into by the Seller and the Purchaser and/or certain third parties on the Reconstitution Date or Dates with respect to any or all of the Mortgage Loans sold hereunder, in connection with a Whole Loan Transfer, Agency Transfer or a Securitization Transaction pursuant to Section 13, including, but not limited to, a seller's warranties and servicing agreement with respect to a Whole Loan Transfer, and a pooling and servicing agreement and/or seller/servicer agreements and related custodial/trust agreement and documents with respect to a Securitization Transaction.

  • Operating Agreements means the management agreements, service contracts, supply contracts, leases (other than the Leases) and other agreements, if any, in effect with respect to the construction, ownership, operation, occupancy or maintenance of the Property. All of the Operating Agreements in force and effect as of the date hereof are listed on Exhibit E attached hereto.

  • Sale Agreements This Agreement, the Current Excess Servicing Spread Acquisition Agreement for FHLMC Mortgage Loans and the Current Excess Servicing Spread Acquisition Agreement for FNMA Mortgage Loans.

  • Distribution Agreements means (i) any and all agreements entered into by a Credit Party, pursuant to which such Credit Party has sold, leased, licensed or assigned distribution rights or other exploitation rights to any Item of Product to an un-Affiliated Person, and (ii) any and all agreements hereafter entered into by a Credit Party pursuant to which such Credit Party sells, leases, licenses or assigns distribution rights or other exploitation rights to an Item of Product to an un-Affiliated Person.

  • Existing Agreements means the [*****].

  • leasing agreement means an agreement by which one person (the lessor) grants a right to possession or control of an object (with or without an option to purchase) to another person (the lessee) in return for a rental or other payment;

  • Operating Agreement means this Operating Agreement as originally executed and as amended from time to time.

  • Seller Ancillary Agreements means all agreements, instruments and documents being or to be executed and delivered by Seller under this Agreement or in connection herewith.

  • Existing Management Agreement means that certain management agreement between the Seller and the Existing Manager for the operation and management of the Hotel.

  • Interconnection Agreement means the interconnection agreement entered into by Seller pursuant to which the Facility will be interconnected with the Transmission System, and pursuant to which Seller’s Interconnection Facilities and any other Interconnection Facilities will be constructed, operated and maintained during the Contract Term.

  • PJM Agreements means the PJM OATT, PJM Operating Agreement, PJM RAA and any other applicable PJM manuals or documents, or any successor, superseding or amended versions thereof that may take effect from time to time.

  • Planning Agreement means an agreement, undertaking or obligation pursuant to the provisions of section 106 Town and Country Planning Act 1990 or section 111 of the Local Government Act 1972, section 33 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 or an infrastructure agreement pursuant to section 38 or section 278 of the Highways Act 1980 or the section 104 of the Water Industry Act 1991;

  • Support Agreements has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Processing Agreement means the agreement (as amended from time to time) ratified by the Iron Ore Processing (BHP Minerals)

  • Relevant Funding Agreements means the agreement or agreements entered into by the Company and the Secretary of State under section 1 of the Academies Act 2010 for the establishment of each Academy, including any variation or supplemental agreements thereof;

  • Contribution Agreements has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Common Billing Agreement means an agreement between the Appointee and any other person under which that person has undertaken to pay, on terms agreed between them, charges for water supply or sewerage services, or both, in respect of two or more Houses which have a common Supply Pipe and which, in any case where that agreement relates to one of those services only, are also subject to a similar agreement for common billing between that person and the undertaker providing the other service;

  • Training Agreement means an agreement registered under the provisions of the Industrial and Commercial Training Act 1985.