Bird definition

Bird means any wild animal of the class Aves.
Bird means a wild bird or part of a wild bird.
Bird means the U.S.-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation.

Examples of Bird in a sentence

  • Giorgia Silani, Geoffrey Bird, Rachel Brindley, Tania Singer, Chris Frith, and Uta Frith.

  • The Bird Monitor shall conduct a shorebird education and identification program with the Contractor to ensure protection of precocial (mobile) chicks.

  • See witness statement of Shane Bird, witness statement file page 204 paragraph 4.

  • Data Management Best Practices and Standards for Biodiversity Data Applicable to Bird Monitoring Data.

  • Submission of a bird friendly strategy for the design of the building is encouraged in the application for a development permit.Note to Applicant: Strategy should identify any particular risks with regard to the Bird Friendly Design Guidelines and propose design features or to reduce these risks.

More Definitions of Bird

Bird means a member of the class Aves.
Bird means any animal in the taxonomic class Aves;
Bird means any wild bird or any part thereof.
Bird means any a wild bird or any part thereof of a wild bird.
Bird shall have the meaning given in the Recitals hereto.