Authenticate definition

Authenticate means to establish authorship of a document or an entry in a medical record by:
Authenticate. “Certificated Security”, “Chattel Paper”; “Commercial Tort Claim”, “Deposit Account”, “Documents”, “Electronic Chattel Paper”, “Equipment”, “Farm Products” “Fixture”, “General Intangible”, “Instrument”, “Inventory”, “Investment Company Security”, “Investment Property”, “Issuer”, “Letter of Credit Rights”, “Proceeds”, “Record”, “Registered Organization”, “Security”, “Securities Entitlement”, “Securities Intermediary”, “Securities Account”, “Supporting Obligation”, “Tangible Chattel Paper”, and “Uncertificated Security”.
Authenticate. “Authenticating” and “Authentication” have the appropriate correlative meanings;

Examples of Authenticate in a sentence

  • Authenticate (or verify) the identities of those users, processes, or devices, as a prerequisite to allowing access to organizational information systems.

  • Michelle Leu, Authenticate This: Revamping Secondary Trademark Liability Standards to Address a Worldwide Web of Counterfeits, 26 BERKELEY TECH.

  • The profile options Authenticate:, Herald:, HeraldFont:, Logo:, LogoFont:, Poll:, and DisplayErrorPups: are no longer recognized by Laurel.

  • An overview about current devlopmentJp Project Documentation, Release 1.0.0 Dependency Diagram SSO It’s responsible for Authenticate users.

  • Websites – Ensure all connections between browser and server are encrypted.– Authenticate user (username and password checks).– Use techniques like CAPTCHAs to prevent scripts from launching attacks.

More Definitions of Authenticate

Authenticate means verifying through reasonable means that the consumer, entitled to exercise his
Authenticate means to use reasonable means to determine
Authenticate means “authenticate” as defined in Article 9 of the UCC.
Authenticate means either of the following:
Authenticate means to sign or to execute or otherwise adopt a symbol, or encrypt or similarly process a record in whole or in part, with the present interest of the authenticating person to identify the person and adopt or accept a Record.
Authenticate means to affirmatively verify, before wholesale distribution of a prescription drug occurs, that each transaction listed on a pedigree has occurred.
Authenticate means to sign, execute or adopt a symbol, or encrypt a record in whole or in part, intended to identify the authenticating party and to adopt, accept or establish the authenticity of a record or term;