Authenticate Sample Clauses

Authenticate. “Authenticate” means to establish the presence of or high potential of human burials or human skeletal remains being located in a discrete area, to delimit the boundaries of human burial grounds or xxxxxx, and to attempt to determine the ethnic, cultural, or religious affiliation of individuals interred.

Related to Authenticate

  • Authentication of Certificates The Owner Trustee shall cause all Certificates issued hereunder to be executed and authenticated on behalf of the Trust, authenticated and delivered to or upon the written order of the Depositor, signed by its chairman of the board, its president or any vice president, without further corporate action by the Depositor, in authorized denominations. No Certificate shall entitle its holder to any benefit under this Trust Agreement or be valid for any purpose unless there shall appear on such Certificate a certificate of authentication substantially in the form set forth in Exhibit A, executed by the Owner Trustee or the Certificate Registrar by manual signature; such authentication shall constitute conclusive evidence that such Certificate shall have been duly authenticated and delivered hereunder. All Certificates shall be dated the date of their authentication.