Attic definition

Attic when used in these standards, shall mean the space between the ceiling beams of the top habitable story and the roof rafters.
Attic means the space between the ceiling beams of the top story and the Roof rafters. An Attic whether finished or unfinished is not a story.
Attic means a space under the roof and above the ceiling of the topmost part of a dwelling.

Examples of Attic in a sentence

  • You will notice that sometimes cvs stores an rcs file in the Attic.

  • Modern Languages would like to delete FREN 114 Readings in Intermediate French II, GRK 101 Introduction to Attic Greek, ITAL 114 Readings in Intermediate Italian, ITAL 321 Italian Literature and Civilization through Renaissance, LATN 101 Elementary Latin I, LATN 102 Elementary Latin II, SPAN 114 Readings in Intermediate Spanish, SPAN 401 Studies in Hispanic Prose, SPAN 403 Studies in Hispanic Theatre/Film.

  • However, these can owe their ending to the influence of the Attic koine” (italics added).

  • Purpose: practice the profession of public accountancy.Beautiful 1 Family w/ 2 Car Garage, Basement & Attic.

  • By post-Classical Attic the leveling had gone one step further, with -ει- throughout the entire paradigm: -ειν, -ειϛ, -ει, -ειμεν, -ειτε, -εσαν (Koine -εισαν).

More Definitions of Attic

Attic means the topmost usable storey of a building situated wholly or partly within a roof, where at least 50 percent, but not more than 66 percent, of such storey is greater than 2 metres in height.
Attic. , means the portion of a building situated wholly or in part within the roof and which is not a one-half storey.
Attic means the space between the roof and the ceiling of the top storey or between a dwarf wall and a sloping roof. (b) Basement:
Attic means any story situated wholly or partly within the roof, and so designed, arranged or built as to be used for storage or habitation.
Attic means a space set wholly or partly in a sloping roof.
Attic means an unusable or uninhabitable area of a building situated between the top of the ceiling support and the roof support.
Attic means a space between the roof framing and the floor of such space and which is excluded from the definition ofstory.”