As approved definition

As approved or "approved" means Engineer's approval.
As approved or "approved" means Engineers' approval.

Examples of As approved in a sentence

As approved by Shareholders’ resolution, the Company disposed of its two trading subsidiaries, Talent Holdings and Talent South, on 8 September 2014 and was renclassified as a nonntrading investing Company in accordance with the AIM Rules.

As approved in Section 5.2(e) of the Declaration, the Trustees shall have the authority to employ and compensate such transfer agents and registrars with respect to the Shares of the Trust as the Trustees shall deem necessary or desirable.

As approved by the Medical Director, certain cardiovascular disease screening tests for high-risk individuals may be covered under this Agreement.

As approved by our Shareholders’ general meeting, our existing and new Shareholders will be entitled to our accumulated undistributed profits prior to the Global Offering.

As approved by CMS and/or authorized by Policy BEN 08-001, each MCC has sole discretionary authority to provide certain cost effective alternatives when providing appropriate medically necessary care.