Arterial Roads definition

Arterial Roads means Class 1 and Class 2 highways as determined under the Table to section 1 of Ontario Regulation 239/02 (Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways) made under the Municipal Act, 2001; (“artères”)
Arterial Roads means roads within Kitsap County that have been classified using the federally designated functional class system. This system is used by the federal government to distribute transportation funds to local agencies. Arterial roads are typically intended to provide mobility while controlling direct access. Examples of arterials are Silverdale Way (Principal Arterial), Mile Hill Drive (Minor Arterial), and Hood Canal Drive (Collector Arterial).
Arterial Roads means rural roads which feed into the provincial highway system and consistently have traffic volumes in excess of 200 vpd.

Examples of Arterial Roads in a sentence

  • In order to minimize the disruption of traffic flow along Arterial Roads and promote better development, small lot rezoning will be discouraged and land assembly for consolidated development will be promoted.

  • While direct access to and frontage on Collector or Arterial Roads is allowed, in those cases where a corner lot is created (through the planning/construction of a new street), the Manufactured or Mobile Home will front and take access on the internal street.Mobile Homes, as defined by this Ordinance, shall not be permitted or established within the jurisdiction of this Ordinance.

  • Collector Roads are those which connect Arterial Roads with Local Roads.

  • Land uses which generate high volumes of traffic, including truck traffic, will be encouraged to locate along Arterial Roads.

  • Direct access is usually from other Arterial Roads and Collector Roads.

More Definitions of Arterial Roads

Arterial Roads means a minor or major through road or street that are expected to carry large volumes of traffic from collector and local roads.
Arterial Roads means high volume roadways which provide linkage between major cities and towns and developed areas, capable of attracting travel over long distances
Arterial Roads means roads that provide the major corridors for traffic movement and are under the jurisdiction of the County of Oxford.
Arterial Roads means highest traffic volume corridors which deliver traffic from collector roads to provincial highways.
Arterial Roads means roadways carrying high traffic volumes within the Town of Peace River.