Approved containers definition

Approved containers means covered, watertight containers.
Approved containers means a rigid plastic or metal container that has been manufactured for the purpose of household waste containment and roadside collection with a waterproof lid and a maximum capacity of 136 litres (30 gallons) and a minimum capacity of 32 litres (7 gallons). (A Garbage Container shall not be larger in diameter at the bottom than at the top of the container.)
Approved containers means the 96 gallon poly carts, numbered, and provided by the city, dumpsters provided by the city, and roll- off containers provided by or approved by the city prior to usage.

Examples of Approved containers in a sentence

  • LICENSOR reserves the right to cancel its authorization of any of the APPROVED CONTAINERS for any of the LICENSED PRODUCTS upon six (6) months’ written notice to LICENSEE, or immediately upon written notice in cases of urgency (for example, on grounds of health and safety or illegality).

  • Each APPROVED BEVERAGE shall be packaged in APPROVED CONTAINERS acceptable to the FDA or any other regulatory body, and shall be adequately sealed by LICENSEE to protect proper product quality for the recommended shelf life of the LICENSED PRODUCTS.

  • LICENSEE shall manufacture the APPROVED BEVERAGES or have a THIRD-PARTY FACILITY manufacture the APPROVED BEVERAGES, only in accordance with current good manufacturing practices as required by the FDA, the RECIPE INFORMATION and using the BLENDING INGREDIENTS and APPROVED CONTAINERS.

  • It is recognized among the Parties hereto that LICENSOR will exercise its right to cancel its authorization in respect of any of the APPROVED CONTAINERS in good faith so as to enable the LICENSEE to prepare, package, distribute and sell the LICENSED PRODUCTS under this AGREEMENT.

  • LICENSOR may, by giving WRITTEN NOTICE, authorize LICENSEE to use additional APPROVED CONTAINERS in the preparation, distribution and sale of one or more of the LICENSED PRODUCTS.

  • LICENSEE shall inspect all APPROVED CONTAINERS, closures, cases, cartons, labels and other primary and secondary packaging materials and shall use only those items which comply with the standards established by applicable laws in the TERRITORY, in addition to the standards and specifications as may be prescribed by LICENSOR from time to time.

  • LICENSEE shall not be permitted to sell any (1) BLENDING INGREDIENTS, (2) DISTRIBUTION MATERIALS or (3) APPROVED CONTAINERS that are proprietary to LICENSOR, in each case that have not been incorporated into LICENSED PRODUCTS.

  • In such event, LICENSEE must (a) completely remove such APPROVED BEVERAGES from APPROVED CONTAINERS, (b) otherwise dissociate such APPROVED BEVERAGES from the DISTRIBUTION MATERIALS and the LICENSED MARKS, and (c) take full responsibility for distribution of the resulting products.

  • LICENSEE shall submit proposed specifications to LICENSOR for each of the initial APPROVED CONTAINERS not later than October 1, 2012 for WRITTEN APPROVAL.

  • In the event of such recall or withdrawal, LICENSOR shall prepare and authorize any and all statements to the media and regulatory authorities concerning the APPROVED BEVERAGE, LICENSED PRODUCTS, BLENDING INGREDIENTS and/or APPROVED CONTAINERS.

More Definitions of Approved containers

Approved containers means PET containers, and other containers, with capacities from five (5) fluid ounces to sixty-four (64) fluid ounces that (a) are manufactured in accordance with either standard designs and specifications or proprietary designs and specifications that are owned initially by LICENSEE and (b) which may contain proprietary dispensing cap technology that is owned by LICENSEE. Such definition shall until 30th September 2013 exclude gable top containers and dispenser units.
Approved containers means [*].

Related to Approved containers

  • Mercury-containing equipment means a device or part of a device (including thermostats, but excluding batteries and lamps) that contains elemental mercury integral to its function.

  • Approved Contractor means an “Approved Contractor” specified in the Key Details.

  • Hermetically sealed container means a container designed and intended to be secure against the entry of microorganisms and, in the case of low acid canned foods, to maintain the commercial sterility of its content after processing.

  • Plastic container means an individual, separate, rigid plastic bottle, can, jar or carton, except for a blister pack, that is originally used to contain a product that is the subject of a retail sale.

  • Approved costs means the eligible costs or expenditures2 as approved by the Provider, and as defined in the Agreement or Decision on Grant Funding to carry out the Grant Project.

  • Open container means an open top container or a platform based container;

  • Beverage container means an airtight metal, glass, paper, or plastic container, or a container composed of a combination of these materials, which, at the time of sale, contains 1 gallon or less of a beverage.

  • Approved Location means (a) a storage terminal or facility located in the United States or Canada owned by the Borrower or a Subsidiary; or (b) other storage location located in the United States or Canada identified by the Borrower by notice to the Administrative Agent for which, if requested by the Administrative Agent, the Borrower has used commercially reasonable efforts to cause the owner, operator or landlord thereof to execute and deliver, a waiver of lien, subordination agreement or similar agreement in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent with respect to any inventories of Petroleum Products stored at such terminal or facility.

  • Hazardous container means a container containing hazardous goods as classified under IMO.

  • Outer burial container means any container which is designed for placement in the ground around a casket or an urn including but not limited to containers commonly known as burial vaults, urn vaults, grave boxes, grave liners, and lawn crypts.

  • Containers means any ISO standard container(s) with a maximum height of 9’6” including any reefer and/or other special containers, provided they meet ISO standards.

  • Original container means the container in which a health item was sold, distributed, or dispensed.

  • Storage container means a device in which sealed sources or radiation machines are secured and stored.

  • Approved Device means a device described in Subsection 20A-21-201(4) used to

  • Lead-contaminated dust means surface dust that contains an area or mass concentration of lead at or in excess of levels identified by the Environmental Protection Agency pursuant to § 403 of TSCA (15 U.S.C. § 2683).

  • Properly Shredded Garbage means the wastes from the preparation, cooking, and dispensing of food that have been shredded to such a degree that all particles will be carried freely under the flow conditions normally prevailing in public sewers, with no particle greater than one-half (1/2) inch (1.27 centimeters) in any dimension.

  • Eligible Equipment means, at any time of determination, Equipment owned by Borrower which Lender, in its sole discretion, deems to be eligible for borrowing purposes.

  • Borrowing Base Property means Eligible Property and/or Commercial Land that the Administrative Agent has agreed to include in calculations of the Borrowing Base pursuant to Section 4.1. A Property shall be excluded from the determination of the Borrowing Base if at any time such Property shall cease to be an Eligible Property.

  • Exterior container means a MIL-STD-129 defined container, bundle, or assembly that is sufficient by reason of material, design, and construction to protect unit packs and intermediate containers and their contents during shipment and storage. It can be a unit pack or a container with a combination of unit packs or intermediate containers. An exterior container may or may not be used as a shipping container.

  • Cremation container means a leak and spill resistant, rigid,

  • Approved company means a company approved by the Minister under clause 17A(1)”;

  • Approved List means Securities followed by the Global Fundamental Research Group and tracked on the Approved List. Securities may be added, removed, or undergo periodic ratings changes.

  • Borrowing Base Properties means the Oil and Gas Properties of the Loan Parties included in the Initial Reserve Report and thereafter in the most recently delivered Reserve Report delivered pursuant to Section 8.12.

  • Container means any portable device in which a material is stored, transported, treated, disposed of, or otherwise handled.

  • Residual disinfectant concentration means the concentration of disinfectant measured in mg/L in a representative sample of water.

  • Excluded Equipment means, at any date, any equipment or other assets of the Borrower or any Guarantor which is subject to, or secured by, a Capitalized Lease Obligation or a purchase money obligation if and to the extent that (i) a restriction in favor of a Person who is not Holdings or any Restricted Subsidiary of Holdings contained in the agreements or documents granting or governing such Capitalized Lease Obligation or purchase money obligation prohibits, or requires any consent or establishes any other conditions for or would result in the termination of such agreement or document because of an assignment thereof, or a grant of a security interest therein, by the Borrower or any Guarantor and (ii) such restriction relates only to the asset or assets acquired by the Borrower or any Guarantor with the proceeds of such Capitalized Lease Obligation or purchase money obligation and attachments thereto, improvements thereof or substitutions therefor; provided that all proceeds paid or payable to any of the Borrower or any Guarantor from any sale, transfer or assignment or other voluntary or involuntary disposition of such assets and all rights to receive such proceeds shall be included in the Collateral to the extent not otherwise required to be paid to the holder of any Capitalized Lease Obligations or purchase money obligations secured by such assets.