Anglican Church definition

Anglican Church means the Anglican Church of Australia;
Anglican Church and “Anglican Synod” means the Synod of the Diocese of Adelaide of the Anglican Church of Australia Inc..
Anglican Church means the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland;

Examples of Anglican Church in a sentence

  • Pupils whose parents (see “Definitions” section of the policy) attend another Anglican Church and for whom this is the nearest Voluntary Aided Church School.

  • The Canons of the Diocese of British Columbia, the Province of British Columbia and Yukon, and of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada which have been, or shall be from time to time, passed, as these bear on Oaths, Licensing, Discipline, and the Exercise of Ministry, along with Appendix G and Appendix Z of the Canons of the Diocese of British Columbia, and the Bishop’s Letter of Appointment and License govern the discharge of this Policy.

  • The Anglican Schools are part of the education system, and in its schools the Anglican Church tries to help build a secure, happy nation.

  • Entitlements may be carried from one parish or organisation to another if the required contributions are paid to the Anglican Church of Australia Long Service Leave Fund (the ‘Fund’).

  • Anglicare NT is the community services agency of the Anglican Church in the Northern Territory and member of Anglicare Australia.

  • At its meeting on 26 May 2008 Standing Committee agreed in principle that where a lay minister is ordained deacon after less than ten years of service, their accrued LSL provision is to be applied to the purchase of leave, as a buy-back from the Anglican Church of Australia Long Service Leave Fund.

  • While the federal residential school system began around 1883, the origins of the residential school system can be traced to as early as the 1830s (long before Confederation in 1867), when the Anglican Church established a residential school in Brantford, Ont.

  • Synod may by Article 3(2) of the Schedule to the Anglican Church of Australia Constitutions Act 1902 call, by resolution, on any person holding church trust property to account for that property and its administration.

  • To the extent permitted by the Anglican Church of Australia Trust Property Act 1917 (‘the Act’), the person for the time being acting in the office of Administrator in accordance with 20.1 may exercise all the powers and functions and do and make all the things referred to in the Act in place of the Bishop.

  • Children of parents who live outside the school catchment area, as defined on the attached map, and are actively involved in an Anglican Church (at least twice a month).

More Definitions of Anglican Church

Anglican Church and "Church" means the Anglican Church of Canada, unless by the context the word church refers to a building.
Anglican Church. , or "Church", means the Church of 25 the Province of New Zealand; and includes the Church of the Province of Melanesia (in this Act separately referred to as the Anglican Church of Melanesia) :
Anglican Church means The Diocese of The Murray of The Anglican Church of Australia;

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