analyst definition

analyst means analyst registered under section 203;
analyst means a person appointed as an analyst under section 183;
analyst means a person appointed by the Minister by notification published in the gazette to be an analyst for the purpose of this Act.

More Definitions of analyst

analyst means a person appointed under this Act as a State analyst or a person holding accreditation of a kind prescribed under a regulation.
analyst means a person certified by the Director of the Chemistry Centre (WA) as being competent to determine the percentage of alcohol in bodily substances;
analyst means an Analyst designated by the Minister under subsection 65(1) of the Act.
analyst means an employee of the Firm entrusted with the direct responsibility to advise Portfolio Managers about specific securities held by, or to be purchased for, the Portfolios or Funds managed by the Firm
analyst means an analyst approved by an Authority to carry out analyses on behalf of the Authority for the purposes of this Act;
analyst means an analyst appointed or approved by the Director-General;
analyst means an individual who performs compliance testing at a laboratory.