Alternative definition

Alternative means a choice of things, each being fully compliant.
Alternative means any treatment, surgery, procedure, facility, equipment, device, drug, drug therapy, or supply that is currently recognized by conventional medicine as an accepted practice. This may include, but is not limited to, acupuncture and chiropractic care. “Alternative” does not include treatments that are considered to be experimental.

Examples of Alternative in a sentence

The ability of the ICANN Board of Directors to reject an Alternative Amendment hereunder does not relieve the Board of the obligation to ensure that any Board Amendment meets the criteria set forth in Section 7.6(e)(i) through 7.6(e)(v).

If the ICANN Board of Directors rejects an Alternative Amendment, the board shall publish a written rationale setting forth its analysis of the criteria set forth in Sections 7.6(f)(i) through 7.6(f)(iii).

Any proposed amendment that does not meet the requirements of subclauses (i) through (iii) in the immediately preceding sentence shall not be considered an Alternative Amendment hereunder and therefore shall not supersede or delay the effectiveness of the Board Amendment.

Any such Alternative Instrument shall be on terms no less favorable to ICANN than the Continued Operations Instrument and shall otherwise be in form and substance reasonably acceptable to ICANN.

In the event Registry Operator replaces the Continued Operations Instrument either pursuant to paragraph 2 or this paragraph 3, the terms of this Specification 8 shall no longer apply with respect to the original Continuing Operations Instrument, but shall thereafter apply with respect to such Alternative Instrument(s), and such instrument shall thereafter be considered the Continued Operations Instrument for purposes of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Alternative

Alternative means anything for which bidders provide a price in a manner that gives the City options in determining the actual Work of the Contract and may include such items as an optional product, system, installation, method, design and requirement. The City shall not be obliged to purchase an Alternative when accepting a Bid, but may, at its discretion elect to purchase all, some or none of the Alternatives offered.
Alternative method of election means a method of electing members
Alternative means a substitute process, product, material, chemical, strategy, or combination of these that is technically feasible and serves a functionally equivalent purpose to a chemical in a children's product.
Alternative means different means of meeting the general purpose and requirements of an activity, which may include alternatives to –
Alternative means medical treatment by registereddental correction and/or corrective surgical operations to the face, neck, head or chest (navel up) due to an Accident.
Alternative in this context means an alternative to court proceedings. It is intended to be a faster and more cost-effective way of resolving disputes. The Scheme does not make a charge to Landlords or Tenants for using the alternative dispute resolution service if it relates to an AST.