AIBA definition

AIBA means the International Boxing Association (AIBA) of Maison du Sport International, Avenue Rhodanie 54, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland;

Examples of AIBA in a sentence

  • In AOB Competitions, the Technical Delegate will evaluate ITOs based on the criteria developed by the AIBA Technical & Competition Rules Commission and the AIBA HQ, and will forward the results to the AIBA HQ and the AIBA Technical & Competition Rules Commission.

  • Appointment letters will be signed by the respective AIBA Commission Chairpersons.

  • The AIBA R&J Commission task force composed of at least 3 members (Chair or Vice-Chair + 2 members) appoints the list of R&Js and informs the AIBA HQ.

  • If no change requests are made, the Draw Commissioner must hand in the overall R&J draw sheet signed by the Technical Delegate to the AIBA Scoring System operator.

  • The duty of a Draw Commissioner is to ensure that the morning Official Communication to the AIBA Scoring System operator contains all the necessary filter and withdrawal requests, so that the computerised R&J draw is made with as much input as possible, and with the objective of not having to request any changes once the draw has been made.

  • The disqualified Boxer is subject to sanctions determined by the AIBA Disciplinary Commission in accordance with the AIBA Disciplinary Code.

  • The detailed duties of the ITOs are listed in the AIBA Technical Officials’ Regulations.

  • In case the AIBA Scoring System is not working, a manual system may be used.

  • AIBA will appoint one (1) Draw Commissioner for one-ring Competitions and up to two (2) for two-ring Competitions.

  • In all AIBA-owned and AIBA-sanctioned Competitions, at the end of each Session, AIBA Scoring System Operator forwards the Session Results to AIBA HQ.

More Definitions of AIBA

AIBA means the International Boxing Association and “AIBA Regulations shall mean the AIBA Statutes, the AIBA Bylaws, the AIBA Technical Rules, the AOB Competition Rules, the WSB Competition Rules, the APB Competition Rules, the AIBA Disciplinary Code, the AIBA Procedural Rules and the AIBA Anti-Doping Rules”.

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