Afternoon definition

Afternoon means the period of a day between noon and midnight.
Afternoon. Shift means any shift finishing after 6.00pm and at or before midnight. Employees working on afternoon shift shall be paid a loading of 50% calculated on the employee’s base rate of pay for ordinary hours only.
Afternoon. ’ means the period of a day between noon and mid- night;

Examples of Afternoon in a sentence

  • A fundraising Afternoon Tea event was held on Saturday 17th February 2018.

  • Staying for the Afternoon Session In mutual agreement with the parents, children will be invited to extend their time in the Infant Community and stay for our afternoon session.

  • Afternoon pick-up will occur between 4:00 and 4:15pm.• RB Staff will require each student to “check-in” and “check-out” using a camp roster each day.

  • Metra officials have indicated that the concept of express service to key stations is something that they are currently exploring on all of their commuter lines.2. MD-N Afternoon Southbound Service Gap:The businesses in Conway Office Park as well as neighboring communities have expressed concern that there is not a southbound train on the MD-N line that stops at the Telegraph Rd. Station between the hours of 4:44 and 7:59pm.

  • Friday Afternoon AssemblyParents/carers and family members are welcome to attend our whole school assemblies on Friday afternoon at 3.10pm.

More Definitions of Afternoon

Afternoon means the period of a day
Afternoon means the period of a day between
Afternoon means the period of a day between noon and midnight. (3) "Banking day" means the part of a day on which a bank is open to the public for carrying on substantially all of its banking functions. (4) "Clearinghouse" means an association of banks or other payors regularly clearing items. (5) "Customer" means a person having an account with a bank or for whom a bank has agreed to collect items, including a bank that maintains an account at another bank. (6) "Documentary draft" means a draft to be presented for acceptance or payment if specified documents, certificated securities (Section 8102) or instructions for uncertificated securities (Section 8102), or other certificates, statements, or the like are to be received by the drawee or other payor before acceptance or payment of the draft. (7) "Draft" means a draft as defined in Section 3104 or an item, other than an instrument, that is an order. (8) "Drawee" means a person ordered in a draft to make payment. (9) "Item" means an instrument or a promise or order to pay money handled by a bank for collection or payment. The term does not include a payment order governed by Division 11 (commencing with Section 11101) or a credit or debit card slip. (10) "Midnight deadline" with respect to a bank is midnight on its next banking day following the banking day on which it receives the relevant item or notice or from which the time for taking action commences to run, whichever is later. (11) "Settle" means to pay in cash, by clearinghouse settlement, in a charge or credit or by remittance, or otherwise as agreed. A settlement may be either provisional or final. (12) "Suspends payments" with respect to a bank means that it has been closed by order of the supervisory authorities, that a public officer has been appointed to take it over or that it ceases or refuses to make payments in the ordinary course of business. (b) Other definitions applying to this division and the sections in which they appear are:
Afternoon means 14:00-15:00.
Afternoon. ’ means the period of a day between noon and
Afternoon means the period of a day between noon
Afternoon means 2-5pm, or in the case of Havelock, 3-5pm. "Evening" means 5-8pm.