Affect definition

Affect is a verb that means “to influence”. In the example above, the student is asking if salt will “influence” or affect the boiling of water.
Affect in relation to a Participant, a decision of the SPB affects that Participant if: (a) it requires expenditure to be incurred by that Participant; (b) it requires that Participant to incur an actual or contingent liability; (c) it has an adverse impact upon the manner in which that Participant discharges a statutory function, and 'Affected Participant' shall be construed accordingly;
Affect is a verb, means- influence or have an impact on sth Eg: Continuous attack of asthma has affected his health.

Examples of Affect in a sentence

  • Affect is becoming increasingly acknowledged as a major influence of trust.

  • The market analysis conducted here indicates the scale and direction of estimated price and output changes in oil and gas markets resulting from the WEC, which support EPA’s assessment of EO 13211 “Actions Concerning Regulations that Significantly Affect Energy Supply, Distribution, or Use.”Together, costs of methane mitigation and WEC payments add to the production costs borne by oil and natural gas operators for the purpose of energy markets modeling.

  • Linear Visualizations of COVID-19 Cases Do Not Affect Citizens Support for Social Confinement.” Canadian Journal of Political Science.

  • How Race and Gender Affect Blacks’, Whites’, and Latinos’ Trust in Obama’s and Clinton’s Representation of Group Interests.” Ralph Bunche Journal of Public Affairs 3(1): Article 8.

  • Roth, “Market Culture: How Rules Governing Exploding Offers Affect Market Performance," American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 1, 2, August 2009, 199-219.

More Definitions of Affect

Affect as a verb means “to influence”; “effect” means “to cause, to bring about.”
Affect means, as relevant, “to have an effect on, either materially or otherwise.”170 “Trade,” as used in Article 9.2 of the USMCA, refers to “[t]he buying and selling of goods and commodities, esp. that conducted between nations on a large scale; commerce, traffic, business, originally carried out by means of travel or passage between trading parties.”171 Thus, a measure that has an effect on the buying or selling of goods between countries meets the second criterion of Article 9.2.
Affect is a verb that means to influence; “effect” is a verb that means to cause, but is usually used as a noun that means “a result.”
Affect in relation to a Participant, a decision of the SPB affects that Participant if:
Affect means feelings and emotions; ‘affective experience’ is the term that people in the museum field tend to use to talk about affect in exhibits, and it connotes a broader definition that often includes attitudes, perceptions, social experience, and so on. In the literature of psychology, the definition and measurement of affect is “all over the map” from self-reported emotional states to the details of facial expressions as indicators of affect. However, there are two things that academic
Affect means an action has impacts on a tribe that are
Affect as a concept means ’make a difference to’, and usually refers to emotions or symptoms (Oxford English Dictionary n.d., webpage). WHO (2003) applies similar interpretations for the word affect. These interpretations focus on negative connotations such as to be harmed, but affected can also mean a) being impressed, b) being moved and / or c) touched.