Additives definition

Additives means non-hydrocarbon compounds added to or blended with a product to modify its properties;
Additives means additives as defined in Article 2(a) of Council Directive 70/524/EEC;
Additives means any chemical substance or mixture of substances.

Examples of Additives in a sentence

  • Payroll Additives include all employee benefits, allowances for vacation, sick leave, and holidays, and company portion of employee insurance and social and retirement benefits, all federal and state payroll taxes, premiums for insurance which are measured by payroll costs, and other contributions and benefits imposed by applicable laws and regulations.

  • The control/distribution areas serviced by this Contract shall be amended as required to comply with the latest revision of Federal regulation, U.S. EPA, Clean Air Act (CAA) - 1990, Title 40 of Code of Federal Regulations (40CFR), Part 80 Regulation of Fuels & Fuel Additives, Standards for OPRG(E) & Conventional Gasoline, (Final Rule), or latest amendment thereof; and State regulations: Title 6, NYCRR, Chapter III, Subchapter A, Part 225; and Ag. & Mrkts., 1NYCRR, Part 224.

  • Additives may be added to the emulsion mix or any of the component materials to provide the control of the quick-traffic properties.

  • The Contract Price includes the aggregate amount of all allowances and any unit price items to be furnished or installed, as well as Additives .

  • Unit Prices include Direct Labor Expenses, Payroll Additives, Indirect Expenses, and Direct Non-salary Expenses and Profit.

More Definitions of Additives

Additives means components and compositions intended for use in any one or more of the following applications:
Additives. (ML8) means substances used in explosive formulations to improve their properties.
Additives means a substance, other than a typical ingredient, which is in accordance with appropriate standard or appropriately evaluated for safety and quality and is included in a product for a specific reason including colorant, stabilizer, sweetener, flavor ant, emulsifier, and preservative;
Additives means products that contain solvents, emulsifiers, surfactants, caustics, acids, enzymes and bacteria. They may be inorganic or organic in origin.
Additives means the proprietary and non-proprietary additives provided by Orica to EDC from time to time and used by EDC to manufacture AN Prills for Orica;
Additives. As determined by soil fertility tests (See Submittals 1.5.1).
Additives means substances added to plastic formulations to support certain functions of the end product. Examples include plasticisers, flame retardants and dyes;