Active definition

Active means that the smelter or refiner is listed by the CFSI as having submitted a signed Agreement for the Exchange of Confidential Information and Auditee Agreement contracts to the CFSP or, according to information published by the CFSI, the smelter has agreed to complete a CFSP validation audit within two years of membership issuance by the Tungsten IndustryConflict Minerals Council.
Active means that the smelter or refiner has committed to undergo an RMAP assessment, completed the relevant documents, and scheduled the on-site assessment. These may be in the pre-assessment, assessment, or corrective-action phases of the assessment.
Active means that the smelter or refiner is a participant in the RMAP and has committed to undergo an audit or is participating in a cross-recognized certification program.

Examples of Active in a sentence

  • You must be Actively at Work and capable of sustained Active Work.

  • If You are incapable of sustained Active Work due to Injury or Physical Disease on the day before the scheduled effective date of Your insurance or the effective date of a change in Your insurance, such insurance will not become effective until the day after You are capable of sustained Active Work and complete one day of Active Work as an Eligible Employee.

  • If Your coverage ends because You fail to make the required contribution while on an approved Family Medical Leave of absence, and then You return to Active Work and enroll for coverage within 31 days of the earlier of a) the end of the period of leave You and Your Employer agreed upon, or b) the end of the 12-week period following the date Your leave began, then the Waiting Period will be waived.

  • The Active Work requirement is waived during the time You are approved for benefits under the “Waiver of Premium Benefit” section.

  • Actively at Work will include regularly scheduled days off, holidays, or vacation days, so long as You are capable of sustained Active Work on those days.

More Definitions of Active

Active means any broker or salesperson who is under the supervision of a principal or supervising broker of a firm or sole proprietor and who is performing those activities defined in §§ 54.1-2100 and 54.1-2101 of the Code of Virginia.
Active means that the smelter or refiner is a participant in the RMAP and has committed to undergo an RMAP assessment. Smelters and refiners are identified as Active in the RMAP once they have scheduled the assessment date.
Active means about once a week or more often.
Active whether or not capitalized, when used to modify any Government Contract, or Government Subcontract, means that final payment has not been made on such Government Contract, or Government Subcontract and when used to modify any Teaming Agreement, “active” means that such Teaming Agreement has not terminated or expired.
Active means assuming the role of attorney-in-fact upon the triggering event specified in a power of attorney document.
Active means an active homecare or personal support worker who has:
Active means an application is pending for the site. "Inactive" means that there are no applications currently pending, but there may be applications for which the Section has taken final action (issued, denied or withdrawn).