ACP definition

ACP means the "Actual Contribution Percentage" determined pursuant to Section 12.6(d).
ACP means the average of the Contribution Percentages of the Eligible Participants in a group.

Examples of ACP in a sentence

  • The ACP and entering personnel shall review the scope of work to be performed and upon arrival at the work site review, complete and date any applicable focused observation safety checklist(s).

  • ACP reviews any applicable checklist(s) and performs focused observations as directed by the STR/End User.

  • ACP shall provide advance copy of any task specific safety checklist(s) to personnel seeking temporary badges.

  • The ACP shall be a responsible employee, cognizant of the Subcontract scope and all applicable environmental, safety and health requirements, including any focused observation safety checklists.

  • For material/equipment deliveries, the ACP shall review any applicable focused observation safety checklists with delivery personnel, including specific safety measures required for loading/unloading in accordance with OSHA and the WPP.

More Definitions of ACP

ACP or "Average Contribution Percentage". The Average Percentage calculated using Contributions allocated to Participants as of a date within the Plan Year.
ACP has the meaning given to such term in the introductory paragraph hereof.
ACP means agricultural conservation program, as refer- enced in 7 CFR, part 701 and part 1413.
ACP means the design, manufacture, construction, development, startup, completion, operation, financing, maintenance and improvement of a front-end nuclear fuel facility utilizing U.S. gas centrifuge enrichment technology and related infrastructure assets and properties.
ACP means the African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States;