Accelerated Mezzanine Loan definition

Accelerated Mezzanine Loan means any mezzanine loan (secured by a pledge of the direct (or indirect) equity interests in the Mortgagor) related to the Mortgage Loan if such mezzanine loan either (i) has been accelerated, or (ii) is the subject of foreclosure proceedings against the related collateral for such mezzanine loan.

Related to Accelerated Mezzanine Loan

  • Accelerated Mezzanine Loan Lender shall have the meaning assigned to such term or an analogous term in the Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement.

  • Mezzanine Loan means a mezzanine loan secured by equity interests in the Mortgage Loan Borrower.

  • Non-Performing Mezzanine Investments means Mezzanine Investments other than Performing Mezzanine Investments.

  • Incremental Loan has the meaning set forth in Section 2.14(b).

  • RFR Loan means a Loan that bears interest at a rate based on the Adjusted Daily Simple SOFR.

  • Mezzanine Investments means debt Securities (including convertible debt Securities (other than the “in-the-money” equity component thereof)) and Preferred Stock in each case (a) issued by public or private issuers, (b) issued without registration under the Securities Act, (c) not issued pursuant to Rule 144A under the Securities Act (or any successor provision thereunder), (d) that are not Cash Equivalents and (e) contractually subordinated in right of payment to other debt of the same issuer.

  • Individual PAGA Payment means the Aggrieved Employee’s pro rata share of 25% of the PAGA Penalties calculated according to the number of Workweeks worked during the PAGA Period.