Abutting definition

Abutting means adjoining and includes properties having a common boundary or a building or buildings that share at least one wall. Properties are not abutting where they share only one boundary point as opposed to a boundary line.
Abutting means bordering upon, to touch upon, or in physical contact with. Sites are considered abutting even though the area of contact may be only a point.
Abutting means to have boundaries that touch. When two parcels have a street or alley that runs between the two parcels, the two parcels are not abutting.

Examples of Abutting in a sentence

  • Abutting property owners, the Maine Historic Preservation Commission or other interested persons may submit comments directly to the department.

  • Maximum Offset from True Alignment with Abutting Materials: 1/32 inch.

  • Intra-project transfer: The Abutting Lot transfer is used within a single development project that includes multiple entitled lots which border each other, or in some cases face each other across a right-of-way.

  • Abutting the eastern edge is a field with the rear garden of a residential property off Thenford Road beyond the south eastern corner.

  • Abutting streets must also be screened.5. Screening is required abutting multiple-family dwellings, commercial or industrial uses only.6. In industrial zones, screening is required only where the refuse collection facility is in a yard abutting a public street, parking lot, or residentially zoned property.7. Child care facility for 12 or fewer children, group home for five or fewer persons.8. Child care facility for 13 or more children, group home for six or more persons.

More Definitions of Abutting

Abutting means land having a common property line or separated only by an alley, easement or private street.
Abutting means touching or directly contiguous to.
Abutting means to have boundaries that touch.
Abutting means land which fronts on a public sewer.
Abutting means Land adjoining another parcel having one (1) or more lot lines in common;
Abutting means bordering.
Abutting means on the front, back or sides of a property parcel.