WRITE Sample Clauses

WRITE. DOWN TO VALUE Any securities which have permanently declined in value as determined by the General Partner will be written down to their value pursuant to the provisions of this Section 8 as of the date of such determination.
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WRITE. DOWN AND CANCELLATION Section 13.01. Agreement to Write-Down and Cancellation 52 Section 13.02. Suspension and Write-Down and Cancellation 53 Section 13.03. Suspension of Settlement through DTC 53 Section 13.04. Reimbursement of Payment 54 Section 13.05. Limitation of Rights upon a Non-Viability Event or Bankruptcy Event 54 Section 13.06. Notice of Write-Down and Cancellation 54 Section 13.07. No Duty to Monitor Non-Viability Event or Bankruptcy Event 54 GOING CONCERN WRITE-DOWN AND WRITE-UP Section 14.01. Agreement to Going Concern Write-Down 55 Section 14.02. Suspension and Going Concern Write-Down 56 Section 14.03. Reimbursement of Payment 57 Section 14.04. Limitation of Rights upon a Capital Ratio Event 57 Section 14.05. Notice of Going Concern Write-Down 57 Section 14.06. Write-Up upon a Write-Up Event 57 Section 14.07. Notice of Write-Up 58 Section 14.08. No Duty to Monitor Capital Ratio Event 59
WRITE. List any professional, trade, business or civic activities or offices held. (You may exclude memberships, which would reveal sex, race, religion, national origin, age, ancestry, handicap or other protected status).
WRITE. THINK., LLC, who will provide Services under the Agreement, [] is [X] is not subject to disclosure obligations. Date: By: Xxxx X. Xxxxx Director, Purchasing
WRITE. “VOID” on a check from your checking account. (Not necessary if you are using a savings account to pay for services)
WRITE. The Write page provides a list of the recent news. In this section the users can read, comment or vote on posts written by a member of the consortium. The main topics the Write page will focus on are related to the project activity. On each post, users can leave their comments using the provided form, can vote for the articles or share them on social networks.
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WRITE. The input gate gives the provision to determine importance of current input and past hidden state. Input Gate Output Gate With s()=sigmoid activation function and f()=tanh activation function, xt and the previous cell output ht-1 calculate: Input Node Forget Gate s Memory Cell ht Input gate: 6 = 5.6 + 3.ℎ6=$ Output gate: 6 = 5?6 + 3?ℎ6=$ xt
WRITE. Write data to a file already opened, writing privilege must be satisfied according to the file security attributes. For more detail, please refer to the ―Remarks‖ section of this table. BYTE _write( HANDLE handle, WORD wOffset, BYTE bLength, BYTE* pbBuff); Parameters: handle [in] Handle to the file opened. wOffset [in] Writing offset bLength [in] Length of the data to be written,1~247bytes. pbBuff [in] Pointer to the data buffer, used to store data to be written in. Return Values: Return SES_SUCCESS if succeed or corresponding error code otherwise.
WRITE. Medical Claims: Health Net P.O. Box 9030 Farmington, MO 63640 Pharmacy Claims: Part D Prescription Drug Claims Attn: Pharmacy Claims P.O. Box 31577 Tampa, FL 33631-3577 WEBSITE xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxx/xxxxx
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