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  • Move-in; Inspection; Delay Before Resident may access or occupy the premises, any required installments or other payments then due (including any Administrative Fee, which is earned and payable upon mutual execution of this Agreement) must be paid in full with cleared funds and guaranty or prepayment requirements satisfied. The application fee (if any) is non-refundable and is not applicable toward any other payments required of Resident under this Agreement. Prior to Resident’s taking possession of the assigned bedroom space (and any re-assigned bedroom space), Resident will conduct an inspection of the assigned bedroom space and apartment and will note on the Check-In/Check-Out Inspection Report (“Inspection Report”) any defects, damage or other conditions observed, if not already identified by Owner on such report; upon completion and approval by Owner, the Inspection Report will become part of this Agreement. At the time of move-out, Resident is encouraged to inspect the bedroom space and apartment with Owner’s representative by making an appointment during business hours at least 48 hours in advance. Within three business days following Resident’s move-out (or, as applicable, following the move-out of all residents of an apartment) at the termination of this Agreement, or within a reasonable time if Resident moves out without notifying Owner, Owner will note the then-present condition of the assigned bedroom space and apartment, including all appliances and fixtures, and any damages incurred and/or extraordinary cleaning deemed necessary by Owner or extraordinary wear as determined by Owner. Resident will promptly pay all costs of restoring the bedroom space and apartment to the same condition upon move-in, less normal wear. Resident acknowledges that except as provided in the Inspection Report, each bedroom space and apartment are being delivered in "as-is" condition, and Resident’s acceptance of the assigned bedroom space and apartment at the beginning of the Term constitutes Resident’s acknowledgment that the bedroom space and apartment and all fixtures are in good repair and condition. Owner will not be responsible for any damages or consequences suffered by Resident as a result of Owner’s inability to timely deliver possession of the apartment or assigned bedroom space to Resident on the anticipated Start Date; in such event, the rent payable will be abated until Owner tenders possession and such delay will not extend or decrease the term or change the End Date. Resident acknowledges that any model apartment at the Property shown to Resident in person, online or through other means is intended to be representative of the general quality and type of construction and materials within apartments. Specific items of décor and furnishings and the actual colors, styles, materials, upholstery and other treatments in the apartment assigned to Resident may vary from those in the model apartment. The actual apartment assigned to Resident may also vary in approximate size, square footage and layout. Resident’s apartment will not include custom lighting, lamps, decorations, linens, unattached appliances or other personal property as may be shown in the model apartment.

  • Name Collision Occurrence Assessment 6.2.1 Registry Operator shall not activate any names in the DNS zone for the Registry TLD except in compliance with a Name Collision Occurrence Assessment provided by ICANN regarding the Registry TLD. Registry Operator will either (A) implement the mitigation measures described in its Name Collision Occurrence Assessment before activating any second-­‐level domain name, or (B) block those second-­‐level domain names for which the mitigation measures as described in the Name Collision Occurrence Assessment have not been implemented and proceed with activating names that are not listed in the Assessment.

  • Name Collision Occurrence Management 6.1. No-­‐Activation Period. Registry Operator shall not activate any names in the DNS zone for the Registry TLD (except for "NIC") until at least 120 calendar days after the effective date of this agreement. Registry Operator may allocate names (subject to subsection 6.2 below) during this period only if Registry Operator causes registrants to be clearly informed of the inability to activate names until the No-­‐Activation Period ends.

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