Transliteration Sample Clauses

Transliteration. Any information the Italian Competent Authority exchanges that is reported in a non-Latin domestic alphabet or literation is expected be transliterated pursuant to Italian domestic procedures or rules aligned with international standards for transliteration (for example as specified in ISO 8859) into the Latin alphabet. The Italian Competent Authority may send designatory data (e.g., name or address) both in its domestic alphabet or literation and separately in the Latin alphabet within each account record if it so chooses. The Italian Competent Authority should also be prepared to transliterate the information it receives from the U.S. Competent Authority from the Latin alphabet to any non-Latin domestic alphabet or literation it uses or accepts.
Transliteration. Transliteration is one of the easiest processes of bridging gaps in translation. In this procedure, the translator translates the words according to the pronunciation and orthography of the source language. It is also called the process of writing in the letters of another alphabet. For example;SL (Nepali) TL (English) Janai Janai Dānda Dānda
Transliteration. Transliteration helps to translate the in-depth cultural words combined with footnote (60/ V1.V3, 62/ V1. V4, 72/ V1.V3). Transliteration alone fails to express the meaning in the TL . This becomes an effecting technique if other technique like- footnote, gloss note with CTQ is maintained (60/ V1.V3, 62/ V1. V4, 72/ V1.V3). Transliteration is the fifth most frequently used technique of translating cultural terms.

Related to Transliteration

  • Translation Translate any instructions or documents submitted in a foreign language.

  • Translations This Agreement is in the English language only, which language shall be controlling in all respects, and all versions hereof in any other language shall be for accommodation only and shall not be binding upon the Parties. All communications and notices to be made or given pursuant to this Agreement, and any dispute proceeding related to or arising hereunder, shall be in the English language. If there is a discrepancy between any translation of this Agreement and this Agreement, this Agreement shall prevail.

  • Languages 22.1 The Proclamation of Sale, Conditions of Sale and the Memorandum may have been translated and published in different forms of languages. In the event of any discrepancies, misstatement, omission or error appearing in the various forms and languages, this English version shall prevail.

  • Literature Upon request, the Contractor shall furnish literature reasonably related to the product offered, for example, user manuals, price schedules, catalogs, descriptive brochures, etc.

  • Artwork 16.01. Artist agrees that G2 is the owner of any and all artwork, LP jacket art, and promotional artistic renderings undertaken or completed within the Option Terms of this Agreement. Artist shall have the right to use artwork which has been mutually approved by G2 and Artist for the purpose of Merchandising.

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  • Reverse Engineering The Customer must not reverse assemble or reverse compile or directly or indirectly allow or cause a third party to reverse assemble or reverse compile the whole or any part of the software or any products supplied as a part of the Licensed System.