The Examination Sample Clauses

The Examination. The<name of lead university> will be responsible for the organisation of the examination. The jury will include the research directors and other jury members designated by the authorised representatives (Xxxxxx / President / Xxxx of the respective faculty) of each university. The thesis will be written in <appropriate language> and will contain a substantial synopsis written in <appropriate language>. The oral examination will be held in <name of lead university> in <appropriate language>.
The Examination. 9.1 The Lead University will be responsible for the administration of the final doctoral examination, and will be the location for the oral defense. The consideration of the thesis and the doctoral examination, including the composition of the examination committee, must comply with the policies and requirements of both universities, unless otherwise agreed by the universities in writing.
The Examination 

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  • Title Examination Buyer shall have 5 days after receipt of Title Commitment to examine it and notify Seller in writing specifying defect(s), if any, that render title unmarketable. If Seller provides Title Commitment and it is delivered to Buyer less than 5 days prior to Closing Date, Buyer may extend Closing for up to 5 days after date of receipt to examine same in accordance with this STANDARD A. Seller shall have 30 days (“Cure Period”) after receipt of Buyer’s notice to take reasonable diligent efforts to remove defects. If Buyer fails to so notify Seller, Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted title as it then is. If Seller cures defects within Cure Period, Seller will deliver written notice to Buyer (with proof of cure acceptable to Buyer and Buyer’s attorney) and the parties will close this Contract on Closing Date (or if Closing Date has passed, within 10 days after Buyer’s receipt of Seller’s notice). If Seller is unable to cure defects within Cure Period, then Buyer may, within 5 days after expiration of Cure Period, deliver written notice to Seller: (a) extending Cure Period for a specified period not to exceed 120 days within which Seller shall continue to use reasonable diligent effort to remove or cure the defects (“Extended Cure Period”); or (b) electing to accept title with existing defects and close this Contract on Closing Date (or if Closing Date has passed, within the earlier of 10 days after end of Extended Cure Period or Buyer’s receipt of Seller’s notice), or (c) electing to terminate this Contract and receive a refund of the Deposit, thereby releasing Buyer and Seller from all further obligations under this Contract. If after reasonable diligent effort, Seller is unable to timely cure defects, and Buyer does not waive the defects, this Contract shall terminate, and Buyer shall receive a refund of the Deposit, thereby releasing Buyer and Seller from all further obligations under this Contract.

  • Field Examination The Administrative Agent or its designee shall have conducted a field examination of the Borrowers’ Accounts, Inventory and related working capital matters and of the Borrowers’ related data processing and other systems, the results of which shall be satisfactory to the Administrative Agent in its sole discretion.

  • Medical Examination Where the Employer requires an employee to submit to a medical examination or medical interview, it shall be at the Employer's expense and on the Employer's time, other than a medical examination required under Section 1.4 of Appendix 2.

  • Physical Examination The Employer, at its own expense, shall have the right and be given the opportunity to have a medical doctor appointed by the Employer examine, as often as it may reasonably require, any employee whose injury, sickness, mental or nervous disorder is the basis of claim upon this Plan.

  • Eye Examinations For all covered employees required to use VDTs on average at least two (2) hours per day, MUNI will provide a base line eye examination at the Occupational Safety and Health facility ("OSH"), followed by an eye examination at OSH every two years.

  • Health Examination 27-1 When the District determines that a MBU's health condition (mental or physical) may be impairing his/her job performance, the immediate supervisor, site administrator, or Regional Assistant Superintendent, with the concurrence of the Human Resources Department may, with just cause, direct the MBU to have a health examination at District expense. The MBU will be given a copy of the directive which will state the reason(s) for such examination. Following the examination, results will be sent by the Human Resources Department to the MBU and immediate supervisor. All communication which results from the implementation of this Article shall be handled in a confidential manner. ARTICLE TWENTY-EIGHT

  • Physical Examinations Where the Employer requires an employee to take a physical examination, doctor's fees for such examination shall be paid by the Employer. Except prior to commencement of employment and the first four (4) weeks of employment, such examinations shall be taken during the employee's working hours without loss of pay to the employee.

  • Medical Examinations An employee may be required by the Employer, at the request of and at the expense of the Employer, to take a medical examination by a physician of the employee's choice. Employees may be required to take skin tests, x-ray examination, vaccination, inoculation and other immunization (with the exception of a rubella vaccination when the employee is of the opinion that a pregnancy is possible), unless the employee's physician has advised in writing that such a procedure may have an adverse affect on the employee's health.

  • Written Examination The content of any written examination will be scaled appropriately to the level of the position being considered. All written tests will be structured and administered to each given rank level. Written tests will be designated a general knowledge level or standards designated where rank and position warrant specialization. The Sheriff will determine where general or specialized standard testing is warranted. Personnel will be advised well in advance of testing as to the nature of the test to be administered. The Sheriff shall prepare the written examination or secure it from a professional testing agency.

  • Polygraph Examination No employee shall be compelled to submit to a polygraph examination. No disciplinary action whatsoever shall be taken against an employee refusing to submit to a polygraph examination; nor shall any comment be anywhere recorded indicating that an employee offered to take, took or refused to take a polygraph examination unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties; nor shall any testimony or evidence of any kind regarding an employee's offer to take, refusal to take, or the results of a polygraph examination be admissible in any proceeding pursuant to this Agreement, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties.