Telegraph Sample Clauses

Telegraph. Hollinger and each Related Entity will maintain in force for a xxxxxd of six years from the Termination Date on a continuing basis Directors' and Officers' liability insurance providing the Executive with not less than the level of cover from time to time in force in respect of other directors and officers of Hollinger in order to protect the Executive from claims in xxxxxxx xf the period during which the Executive was a director of Telegraph, Hollinger and any Related Entity.

Related to Telegraph

  • Postage Postage for mailing of dividends, proxies, Fund reports and other mailings to all shareholder accounts shall be advanced to the Transfer Agent by the Fund at least seven (7) days prior to the mailing date of such materials.

  • Personal Delivery When personally delivered to the recipient, notice is effective upon delivery.

  • Mail The Parent and the Company authorize and empower the Buyer on and after the Closing Date to receive and open all mail received by the Buyer relating to the Business or the Assets and to deal with the contents of such communications in any proper manner. The Parent and the Company shall promptly deliver to the Buyer any mail or other communication received by them after the Closing Date pertaining to the Business or the Assets. The Buyer shall promptly deliver to the Parent any mail or other communication received by it after the Closing Date pertaining to the Excluded Assets or Retained Liabilities, and any cash, checks or other instruments of payment in respect of the Excluded Assets. As soon as is practicable after the Closing Date, and in no event more than ten days thereafter, the Buyer shall mail to its customers and vendors a notice of the sale in the form provided by the Parent, with such changes thereto as Buyer and Parent shall agree.

  • Transmission The Custodian and the Fund shall comply with SWIFT’s authentication procedures. The Custodian will act on FT Instructions received via SWIFT provided the instruction is authenticated by the SWIFT system. § Written Instructions. Instructions may be transmitted in an original writing that bears the manual signature of an Authorized Person(s).

  • Telephone for urgent or complex questions, users receive toll-free, unlimited telephone software support. Support Resources A number of additional resources are available to provide a comprehensive and complete support experience:

  • TELEPHONE COMMUNICATIONS Both parties may communicate by telephone, but it is agreed that no instructions that require action will be left on any messaging service since neither party can guarantee that they will be received or actioned. Telephone conversations may be recorded by Us for training or monitoring purposes.

  • ODUF Message to be Transmitted 6.1.2 The following messages recorded by AT&T will be transmitted to NuVox: - Message recording for per use/per activation type services (examples: Three Way Calling, Verify, Interrupt, Call Return, etc.) - Measured Local - Directory Assistance messages - IntraLATA Toll - WATS and 800 Service - N11 - Information Service Provider Messages - Operator Services Messages - Operator Services Message Attempted Calls (Network Element only) - Credit/Cancel Records - Usage for Voice Mail Message Service

  • Overnight Travel For each full day of travel, all three meals are reimbursable. Per diems on the first and last day of a trip are governed as set forth below. Departure Day Depart before 12:00 noon Lunch and dinner Depart after 12:00 noon Return Day Dinner Return before 12:00 noon Breakfast Return between 12:00 noon & 7:00 p.m. Breakfast and lunch Return after 7:00 p.m.* Breakfast, lunch and dinner *7:00 p.m. is defined as direct travel time and does not include time taken to stop for dinner. The reimbursement rates for individual meals are calculated as a percentage of the full day per diem as follows: Breakfast 15% Lunch 25% Dinner 60%

  • Telephones The Unit may or may not have a telephone. If this is a material concern please check with Manager to determie if the Unit has phone service. Phones are for local calls only. LIMITED DAMAGE WAIVER PROGRAM

  • Communication The Customer shall remain responsible for coordinating all communication with Data Processor under the Agreement and this DPA and shall be entitled to make and receive any communication in relation to this DPA on behalf of its Authorized Affiliates.