Substitute Appointments Sample Clauses

Substitute Appointments. 14.09.1 Substitute Faculty shall be paid a remuneration rate which reflects direct instruction time together with appropriate course preparation time.
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Substitute Appointments. 33 7.3 Developer to procure performance of contracts ................. 34 7.4 Developer not to terminate contracts .......................... 34 7.5 Novation of appointments of Building Consultants .............. 34 7.6
Substitute Appointments. 7.2.1 The Developer shall, prior to any substituted appointment of any of the Base Building Consultants or the Base Building Contractors, procure that Collateral Deeds of Warranty are executed respectively by the persons who are appointed in substitution in substantially the same forms (mutatis mutandis) as those referred to in Clause 7.1.

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  • Resignation and Removal; Appointment of Successor (a) No resignation or removal of the Trustee and no appointment of a successor Trustee pursuant to this Article shall become effective until the acceptance of appointment by the successor Trustee in accordance with the applicable requirements of Section 6.11.

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