When Regular and Probationary Sample Clauses

When Regular and Probationary. Members teach less than their normal percentage course loads, adjustments will be made in course loads, not in salaries.
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  • PRINCIPLES OF GOOD EMPLOYMENT PRACTICE The Supplier shall, and shall procure that each Sub-Contractor shall, comply with any requirement notified to it by the Customer relating to pensions in respect of any Transferring Former Supplier Employee as set down in: the Cabinet Office Statement of Practice on Staff Transfers in the Public Sector of January 2000, revised 2007; HM Treasury's guidance “Staff Transfers from Central Government: A Fair Deal for Staff Pensions of 1999; HM Treasury's guidance: “Fair deal for staff pensions: procurement of Bulk Transfer Agreements and Related Issues” of June 2004; and/or the New Fair Deal. Any changes embodied in any statement of practice, paper or other guidance that replaces any of the documentation referred to in Paragraph 5.1 shall be agreed in accordance with the Variation Procedure.

  • Medical Leave of Absence Where you have a medical leave of absence due to any medically determinable physical or mental impairment that can be expected to result in death or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than six months, and you have not returned to employment with the Company or an Affiliate, a Separation from Service has occurred on the earlier of: (A) the first day on which you would not be considered “disabled” under any disability policy of the Company or Affiliate under which you are then receiving a benefit; or (B) the first day on which your medical leave of absence period exceeds 29 months.

  • General Leave of Absence a) Leave of absence without pay may be granted to employees for valid reasons as set out by Company policy.

  • Leave of Absence for Employees Who Serve as Local Coordinators for the Ontario Nurses' Association An employee who serves as Local Coordinator for the Ontario Nurses' Association shall be granted leave of absence without pay up to a total of thirty-five (35) days annually. Leave of absence for Local Coordinators for the Ontario Nurses' Association will be separate from the Union leave provided in (a) above.

  • XXXXXXXX FAIR EMPLOYMENT PRINCIPLES In accordance with the XxxXxxxx Fair Employment Principles (Chapter 807 of the Laws of 1992), the Contractor hereby stipulates that the Contractor either (a) has no business operations in Northern Ireland, or (b) shall take lawful steps in good faith to conduct any business operations in Northern Ireland in accordance with the XxxXxxxx Fair Employment Principles (as described in Section 165 of the New York State Finance Law), and shall permit independent monitoring of compliance with such principles.

  • Variation of period of parental leave Unless agreed otherwise between the employer and employee, an employee may apply to their employer to change the period of parental leave on one occasion. Any such change to be notified at least four weeks prior to the commencement of the changed arrangements.

  • Definition of Sick Leave Sick leave means the period of time an Employee is absent from work because of disability due to illness or injury not covered by Workers’ Compensation.

  • Return from Leave of Absence (a) Before a Nurse may return to work from a leave granted under Article 9.00, she or he must provide a minimum of four (4) weeks written notice of the specific date of his or her return to work, or such shorter time as mutually agreed.

  • Union Leave of Absence An employee on an unpaid Union leave of absence shall have her wages, benefits and seniority continued by the Employer, and the Union agrees to reimburse the Employer for the costs of such wages and benefits. Employees requesting leave under this article will provide the Employer with as much advance notice as possible of the dates of the leave. Where there are less than fifteen (15) regular employees at a workstation at the time the leave request is submitted, and subject to operational requirements, unpaid Union leave of absence will be granted to one employee for the purpose of conducting Union business. This would be an additional person on Union leave at worksites where the position of the Union President or Council member has been backfilled for the duration of their term of office. A leave of absence without pay shall be granted to an employee who is a member of the Union and who is:

  • Form B - Contractor’s Annual Employment Report Throughout the term of the Contract by May 15th of each year the Contractor agrees to report the following information to the State Agency awarding the Contract, or if the Contractor has provided Contract Employees pursuant to an OGS centralized Contract, such report must be made to the State Agency purchasing from such Contract. For each covered consultant Contract in effect at any time between the preceding April 1st through March 31st fiscal year or for the period of time such Contract was in effect during such prior State fiscal year Contractor reports the:

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