Subordination Agreements Sample Clauses

Subordination Agreements. Tenant shall execute and deliver without charge therefor, such further instruments evidencing subordination of this Lease to the lien of any mortgages or deeds of trust affecting the Premises and/or real property comprising the Common Area as may be required by Landlord within fifteen (15) days following Landlord's request therefor; provided that such mortgagee or beneficiary under such mortgage or deed of trust agrees in writing that this Lease shall not be terminated in the event of any foreclosure if Tenant is not in default under this Lease, and provided further than any subordination, nondisturbance agreement required by a mortgagee or beneficiary under a deed of trust shall be substantially in the form of Exhibit E attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by lender. Landlord agrees to reasonably request of its existing lender holding a security interest in the Premises that such lender execute a subordination, non-disturbance agreement in substantially the form of Exhibit E attached hereto with respect to Tenant and this Lease. This Lease and the effectiveness of the same shall not be conditioned, however, on the execution of such subordination, non-disturbance agreement by Landlord's lender.
Subordination Agreements. Each Lender hereby irrevocably appoints, designates and authorizes Agent to enter into any subordination or intercreditor agreement pertaining to any Subordinated Debt, on its behalf and to take such action on its behalf under the provisions of any such agreement (subject to the last sentence of this Section 12.15). Each Lender further agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of each subordination or intercreditor agreement pertaining to any Subordinated Debt. Each Lender hereby authorizes Agent to issue blockages notices in connection with any Subordinated Debt at the direction of Majority Lenders (it being agreed and understood that Agent will not act unilaterally to issue such blockage notices).
Subordination Agreements. Subordination Agreements with respect to all Subordinated Debt.
Subordination Agreements. The Administrative Agent is hereby authorized on behalf of the Lenders, the Swing Line Lender and the Issuing Lender to enter into the Subordination Agreements. A copy of each such Subordination Agreement will be made available to each Secured Party upon request. Each Secured Party (by receiving the benefits thereunder and of the Collateral) acknowledges and agrees to the terms of each such Subordination Agreement and agrees that the terms thereof shall be binding on such Secured Party and its successors and assigns, as if it were a party thereto.
Subordination Agreements. If a breach or default shall occur with respect to any subordination agreement executed by any creditor of Borrower (including any Affiliate), or if any said agreement shall otherwise terminate or cease to have legal effect; or
Subordination Agreements. Tenant covenants and agrees to execute and deliver upon demand without charge therefore, such further instruments evidencing such subordination of this Lease to such ground or underlying leases and to the lien of any such mortgages or deeds of trust as may be required by Landlord. Tenant hereby appoints Landlord as Tenant's attorney-in-fact, irrevocably, to execute and deliver any such agreements, instruments, releases or other documents.
Subordination Agreements. Each Lender hereby grants to Agent and Documentation Agent all requisite authority to enter into or otherwise become or remain bound by the Subordination Agreements and to bind the Lenders thereto by Agent’s and Documentation Agent’s entering into or otherwise becoming bound thereby, and no further consent or approval on the part of any Lender is or will be required in connection with the performance of any Subordination Agreement.
Subordination Agreements. The term "Subordination Agreements" shall mean those certain Subordination Agreements of even date herewith entered into among Sellers and any of the Company, the Parent, Affiliates, and holders of Senior Indebtedness (as such item is defined in Note 1).
Subordination Agreements. Any subordination provision applicable to any Subordinated Indebtedness, at any time after the incurrence of such Subordinated Indebtedness, ceases to be in full force and effect; or any Loan Party or any other Person contests in any manner the validity or enforceability of any such subordination provision; or any Loan Party or any other Person breaches any such subordination provision; or