Special Exceptions Sample Clauses

Special Exceptions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, to the extent that Executive shall be required, by law or process of law, to disclose any Confidential Information, Executive shall be entitled to do so only to the extent so required, subject to giving the Company prompt, advance notice of such requirement so that the Company may pursue a protective order or other remedy, and Executive acknowledges and agrees that he will cooperate reasonably with the Company’s efforts to obtain a confidentiality order or similar protection.
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Special Exceptions. 1. Taxes of the Town of Pomfret, not yet due and payable.
Special Exceptions. In the event that Intel refers an opportunity to LMI that Intel and LMI jointly and reasonably determine to be a special case, such as a multi-tier distribution opportunity with a major OEM, LMI and Intel agree to discuss a one-time referral payment structure for such an opportunity.
Special Exceptions. 5. The amount of this bond shall be reduced by and to the extent of any payment or payments made in good faith hereunder, inclusive of the payments by Surety of mechanic's liens that may be filed on record against said improvement, whether or not claim for the amount of such lien be presented under and against this bond.
Special Exceptions. (1) Extra compensation for duties above the average teacher load may be recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the Board of Trustees.
Special Exceptions. Anything in Section 19(a) to the contrary ------------------ notwithstanding, Agency hereby acknowledges that:
Special Exceptions. Notwithstanding the forgoing terms, the following special exceptions shall apply:
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Special Exceptions. Those full time members who currently have earned comp time on record are permitted to keep that earned comp time. When and if such employee requests to receive payment of comp time on record as of June 30th, 2008, he/she will receive payment at their 2008 hourly rate. Effective June 1, 2008, they will adhere to this contractual agreement.
Special Exceptions. If in the final year of employment, if a terminal leave eligible teacher suffers a catastrophic event and if said catastrophic event results in excessive absences by the teacher which in turn results in a reduction in the amount of terminal leave benefit that the teacher would otherwise have received, then at the sole discretion of the Superintendent of Schools, an exception to the regular terminal leave calculation may be considered for said individual. Special exceptions will not be subject to the grievance procedure nor will any instance be considered “precedent setting”.
Special Exceptions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Section 4.1 shall not ------------------ be construed to prevent:
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