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Services and/or Ports. State Library of Victoria reserves the right to cut off services or ports which may adversely affect other networks or internet based services, such as:

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Services and Facilities (ii) provide any services or facilities subject to the Company’s bearing and paying the capital cost involved and reasonable charges for operation and maintenance except where and to the extent that the State otherwise agrees — subject to such terms and conditions as may be finally approved or determined as aforesaid PROVIDED THAT from and after the fifteenth anniversary of the export date or the twentieth anniversary of the date hereof whichever shall first occur the Company will in addition to the rentals already referred to in this paragraph pay to the State during the currency of this Agreement after such anniversary as aforesaid a rental (which subject to its being payable by the Company to the State may from time to time at the option of the Company be payable in respect of such one or more of the special leases or leases granted to the Company under this paragraph and remaining current) equal to two shillings and sixpence (2s. 6d.) per ton on all iron ore or (as the case may be) all iron ore concentrates in respect of which royalty is payable under clause 10(2)(j) hereof in any financial year such additional rental to be paid within three (3) months after shipment sale use or production as the case may be of the iron ore or iron ore concentrates SO NEVERTHELESS that where in respect of any such year the additional rental so payable is less than a minimum sum of one hundred and fifty thousand pounds (£150,000) the Company will within three (3) months after expiration of that year pay to the State as further rental the difference between one hundred and fifty thousand pounds (£150,000) and the additional rental actually paid in respect of that year but any amount so paid in respect of any financial year in excess of the rental payable for that year at the rate of two shillings and sixpence (2s. 6d.) per ton as aforesaid shall be offset by the Company against any amount payable by it to the State above the minimum amounts payable to the State under this paragraph in respect of the two (2) financial years immediately following the financial year in respect of which the said minimum sum was paid; and
Services Provided (a) Chase will provide the following services subject to the control, direction and supervision of the Board and its designated agents and in compliance with the objectives, policies and limitations set forth in the Funds' Registration Statement, Charter Document and By-Laws; applicable laws and regulations; and all resolutions and policies implemented by the Board:
Services and Utilities Subject to the rules and regulations of the ---------------------- Building of which the Premises are a pan, Lessor agrees to furnish to the Premises during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, other than recognized Building holidays (collectively, "Building Hours"), heating and air-conditioning service which is required in Lessor's good faith judgment for the comfortable use and occupation of the Premises, and at all times electricity for normal lighting, water and elevator service which am required in Lessor's good faith judgment for the comfortable use and occupation of the Premises. During recognized business days for the Building, and subject to the reasonable rules and regulations of the Building and Project. Lessor shall furnish to the Premises and the Common Areas, janitorial service, window washing, fluorescent tube replacement and toilet supplies; provided, however, Lessor shall not be required to provide janitorial services for any portion of the Premises to the extent required as a result of the preparation or consumption of food or beverages (provided that nothing in this paragraph shall be construed as a consent by Lessor to the preparation or consumption of such food or beverages unless otherwise expressly provided elsewhere in this Lease). Lessor shall also maintain and keep lighted during such hours and after-hours (at levels sufficient for after-hours usage) the common stairs, common entries and toilet rooms in the Building. Lessor shall not be liable for, and Lessee shall not be entitled to, any reduction of Rentals by reason of Lessor's failure to furnish any of the foregoing when such failure is caused by casualty, Act of God, accident, breakage, repairs, strikes, lockouts or other labor disturbances or labor disputes of any character, or by any other cause, similar or dissimilar, beyond the reasonable control of Lessor. Lessor shall not be liable under any circumstances for injury to or death of or loss or damage to persons or property or damage to Lessee's business, however occurring, through or in connection with or incidental to failure to furnish any of the foregoing. Wherever heat generating machines or equipment are used in the Premises which affect the Temperature otherwise maintained by the air conditioning system, Lessor reserves the right to install supplementary air conditioning units in the Premises and the cost thereof, including the cost of installation and the cost of operation and maintenance thereof, shall be paid by Lessee to Lessor upon demand by Lessor as additional rent. The costs of all utilities and services furnished by Lessor to Lessee pursuant to this Article 17 which am not specified as being reimbursed or paid directly by Lessee shall be included as items of Building Operating Expenses. Lessee will not, without the prior written consent of Lessor, use or permit the use of any apparatus or device in or upon the Premises (including, but without limitation thereto, machines using in excess of 120 volts), which will in any way increase the amount of gas, electricity or water usually furnished or supplied for the use of the Premises as general office space (which, as to electricity consumption, the parties hereby agree to mean not more than three (3) watts per square foot of usable area on a demand load basis); nor will Lessee connect or permit connection of any apparatus or device for the purpose of using gas, electric current or water with electric current, gas or water supply lines, except for electricity through existing electrical outlets in the Premises. If Lessee requires water or electric current in excess of that usually furnished or supplied for the use of the Premises as general office space (including, without limitation, as a result of use at times other than during Building Hours), Lessee shall first procure the written consent of Lessor to the use thereof (which consent may be granted or withheld in Lessor's sole and absolute discretion, except that no such consent shall be required for mere operation by Lessee during times other than Building Hours) and Lessor may cause a water or gas meter or electric current meter to be installed in the Premises so as to measure the amount of water, gas and electric current consumed for any such use. The cost of any such meters and of installation, maintenance and repair thereof shall be paid for by the Lessee and Lessee agrees to pay to Lessor, as additional rent, promptly upon demand therefor by Lessor for all such water, gas and electric current consumed as shown by said meters, at the rates charged for such services by the local public utility furnishing the same, plus any additional expense incurred in keeping account of the water, gas and electric current so consumed. If a separate meter is not installed, such excess cost for such water, gas and electric current will be conclusively established by an estimate made by a utility company or electrical engineer selected by Lessor. Lessor hereby represents that the Project is presently serviced by an emergency back-up generator intended to provide electrical service to the Building in the event of power failure, which Lessor hereby represents and warrants to Lessor's actual knowledge to be in good operating condition; provided that Lessor makes no representation whether such back-up generator shall be sufficient for Lessee's needs in the event of a power failure. Any connection by Lessee of Lessee's critical electrical systems to such emergency back-up generator shall be subject to Lessor's reasonable approval (including, without limitation, as to manner of connection and capacity of systems within the Premises required to be serviced by such generator). If requested by Lessee at least one (1) business day in advance, heating, ventilation and air conditioning ("HVAC") service shall be provided to the Premises other than during Building Hours (for a minimum period of three (3) consecutive hours at a time, except for after-hours HVAC service immediately following Building Hours, at which time the minimum period shall be one (1) hour), provided that Lessee shall pay to Lessor for each such hour of HVAC service during non-Building Hours, the then prevailing charge by Lessor for such service (which shall equal Lessor's determination in Lessor's sole business judgment of the actual cost of providing such non-Building Hours HVAC service, including, without limitation, a reasonable administrative charge), which is presently Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) per hour per zone (the parties hereby acknowledge that there are two (2) zones for purposes hereof per each floor of the Building). Amounts payable by Lessee hereunder shall be paid as additional rent within thirty (30) days following Lessee's receipt of Lessor's billing therefor.
SERVICES, BENEFITS AND FACILITIES – CONTRACTOR and/or subcontractor shall not 35 discriminate in the provision of services, the allocation of benefits, or in the accommodation in facilities 36 on the basis of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental 1 expression, age, sexual orientation, or military and veteran status in accordance with Title IX of the 2 Education Amendments of 1972 as they relate to 20 USC §1681 - §1688; Title VI of the Civil Rights 3 Act of 1964 (42 USC §2000d); the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 (42 USC §6101); Title 9, Division 4 4, Chapter 6, Article 1 (§10800, et seq.) of the California Code of Regulations; and Title II of the 5 Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, 42 USC 2000ff, et seq. as applicable, and all other 6 pertinent rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, and as otherwise provided by state law and 8 Nondiscrimination paragraph, Discrimination includes, but is not limited to the following based on one 9 or more of the factors identified above:
SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT Where ethanol receiving, storage and blending facilities are available at the Terminal, upon Customer’s request, the Parties shall execute a Terminal Service Order pursuant to which TLO shall receive, store and blend ethanol into Customer’s gasoline at the Terminal (“Ethanol Services”). TLO shall provide and operate all equipment required for the Ethanol Services. The equipment shall consist of truck and/or rail unloading racks, tanks, pumps, motors, injectors, computer control, and any other ancillary equipment necessary for the providing of the Ethanol Services.
Utilities and Services Landlord shall not be liable for any interruption or failure whatsoever in utility services. Tenant shall contract in its own name and pay for all charges for electricity, gas, fuel, telephone, and any other services or utilities used in, servicing or assessed against the Premises, unless otherwise herein expressly provided. Additionally, and if the Building is master metered for water, sewer and exterior lighting, Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord as Additional Rent Tenant's Prorata Share of the cost of such utilities for the Building. Additionally, and as containerized rubbish collection bins will be provided to the Building, Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord as Additional Rent, Tenant's Allocated Share of the service cost of such bins (unless Landlord, exercising reasonable discretion, should determine that Tenant's actual use thereof is greater than such Tenant's Allocated Share therefore, in which case an equitable adjustment shall be made). Landlord may, however, require Tenant to contract for his own rubbish collection, in the event Tenant's needs for such containers
The Services 3.1.1 The Supplier shall supply the Services and provide all Deliverables to the Authority during the Contract Period in accordance with the Authority’s requirements as set out in the Contract in consideration for the payment of the Contract Price. The Authority may inspect and examine the manner in which the Supplier supplies the Services at the Premises during normal business hours on reasonable notice.
FURNISHED SERVICES The County agrees to:
Services and Fees (a) The Advisor will, if requested by the Company:
Services The Administrator agrees, during the term of this Subcontract, to provide or procure, as applicable, at its own expense (unless otherwise agreed to by the parties), the following services to each Fund to the extent that any such services are not otherwise provided by the Investment Manager (including any subadviser) or any other service provider to the Fund: