Second Lien Security Documents Sample Clauses

Second Lien Security Documents. That certain Second Lien Deed of Trust from Signal Landmark, a California corporation (“Signal Landmark”) to the Agent for the benefit of the Lenders, together with the Other Collateral Documents relating to the Brightwater Project and granting Agent for the benefit of the Lender a second in priority lien and mortgage in all of Signal Landmark’s interest therein, as the same may be modified or amended from time to time. Section or §. Any particular section of this Agreement.
Second Lien Security Documents. No later than 31 January 2020, a certified copy (duly executed by each of the parties thereto) of each Security Document entered into in connection with the Second Lien Facility.
Second Lien Security Documents. Within 30 days of the Initial Funding Date or such later date agreed to by the Administrative Agent, Holdings and the Borrower shall and cause each Subsidiary Guarantor to (a) enter into (i) the Second Lien Security Documents, (ii) one or more customary intercreditor creditor agreements (a “Specified Intercreditor Agreement”), each in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, establishing the relative rights of the Lenders party hereto and of the secured parties in respect of the Obligations (as defined in the Existing Credit Agreement) with respect to the Collateral and certain related matters and (b) permit the Administrative Agent to make such amendments to this Agreement as the Administrative Agent determines (in consultation with the Borrower) are appropriate or necessary in connection with the Second Lien Security Documents and any Specified Intercreditor Agreement.
Second Lien Security Documents. Such Purchaser, the First Lien Collateral Agent and the Second Lien Collateral Agent shall have received certified, complete and correct copies of all of the Second Lien Security Documents (together with any amendments, supplements, schedules and exhibits thereto), duly executed and delivered by each Obligor party thereto.]7

Related to Second Lien Security Documents

  • Security Documents The Guarantee and Collateral Agreement is effective to create in favor of the Administrative Agent, for the benefit of the Lenders, a legal, valid and enforceable security interest in the Collateral described therein and proceeds thereof. In the case of the Pledged Stock described in the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement, when stock certificates representing such Pledged Stock are delivered to the Administrative Agent, and in the case of the other Collateral described in the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement, when financing statements in appropriate form are filed in the offices specified on Schedule 4.19 and such other filings as are specified on Schedule 3 to the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement, the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement shall constitute a fully perfected Lien on, and security interest in, all right, title and interest of the Loan Parties in such Collateral and the proceeds thereof, as security for the Obligations (as defined in the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement), in each case prior and superior in right to any other Person (except, in the case of Collateral other than Pledged Stock, Liens permitted by Section 7.3).