Registry Operator has Sample Clauses

Registry Operator has. (i) ceased to conduct its business in the ordinary course; or (ii) filed for bankruptcy, become insolvent or anything analogous to any of the foregoing under the laws of any jurisdiction anywhere in the world; or
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Registry Operator has. (i) ceased to conduct its business in the ordinary course; or

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  • COVENANTS OF REGISTRY OPERATOR Registry Operator covenants and agrees with ICANN as follows:

  • Registry Services “Registry Services” are, for purposes of the Agreement, defined as the following: (a) those services that are operations of the registry critical to the following tasks: the receipt of data from registrars concerning registrations of domain names and name servers; provision to registrars of status information relating to the zone servers for the TLD; dissemination of TLD zone files; operation of the registry DNS servers; and dissemination of contact and other information concerning domain name server registrations in the TLD as required by this Agreement; (b) other products or services that the Registry Operator is required to provide because of the establishment of a Consensus Policy as defined in Specification 1; (c) any other products or services that only a registry operator is capable of providing, by reason of its designation as the registry operator; and (d) material changes to any Registry Service within the scope of (a), (b) or (c) above.

  • REGISTRY OPERATOR CODE OF CONDUCT 1. In connection with the operation of the registry for the TLD, Registry Operator will not, and will not allow any parent, subsidiary, Affiliate, subcontractor or other related entity, to the extent such party is engaged in the provision of Registry Services with respect to the TLD (each, a “Registry Related Party”), to:

  • Termination by Registry Operator (a) Registry Operator may terminate this Agreement upon notice to ICANN if (i) ICANN fails to cure any fundamental and material breach of ICANN’s covenants set forth in Article 3, within thirty (30) calendar days after Registry Operator gives ICANN notice of such breach, which notice will include with specificity the details of the alleged breach, (ii) an arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction has finally determined that ICANN is in fundamental and material breach of such covenants, and (iii) ICANN fails to comply with such determination and cure such breach within ten (10) calendar days or such other time period as may be determined by the arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction.

  • Abuse and Neglect of Children and Vulnerable Adults: Abuse Registry Party agrees not to employ any individual, to use any volunteer or other service provider, or to otherwise provide reimbursement to any individual who in the performance of services connected with this agreement provides care, custody, treatment, transportation, or supervision to children or to vulnerable adults if there has been a substantiation of abuse or neglect or exploitation involving that individual. Party is responsible for confirming as to each individual having such contact with children or vulnerable adults the non-existence of a substantiated allegation of abuse, neglect or exploitation by verifying that fact though (a) as to vulnerable adults, the Adult Abuse Registry maintained by the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living and (b) as to children, the Central Child Protection Registry (unless the Party holds a valid child care license or registration from the Division of Child Development, Department for Children and Families). See 33 V.S.A. §4919(a)(3) and 33 V.S.A. §6911(c)(3).

  • ICANN shall also issue an advisory statement containing a detailed explanation of its reasons for adopting the Temporary Policy and why the Board believes such Temporary Policy should receive the consensus support of Internet stakeholders.

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