QUESTIONNAIRE. Please respond to every item, even if your response is “none.” If you need more space for any response, please attach additional sheets of paper. Please be sure to indicate your name and the number of the item being responded to on each such additional sheet of paper, and to sign each such additional sheet of paper before attaching it to this Questionnaire. Please note that you may be asked to answer additional questions depending on your responses to the following questions. If you have any questions about the contents of this Questionnaire or as to who should complete this Questionnaire, please contact the Chief Financial Officer of the Company at telephone number: [—]. The undersigned hereby provides the following information to the Company and represents and warrants that such information is accurate and complete:
QUESTIONNAIRE. The undersigned hereby provides the following information to the Company and represents and warrants that such information is accurate:
QUESTIONNAIRE. Developer’s responses to Fig’s form of Developer Questionnaire have been completed and delivered to Fig by Developer in good faith as part of Fig’s due diligence investigation of Developer and are free of material misstatements or omissions. Developer acknowledges and agrees that information from Xxxxxxxxx’s responses may be included by Fig in any filing with any Regulatory Authority or disclosed to potential investors.
QUESTIONNAIRE. The information contained in this Questionnaire is being furnished in order to determine whether the undersigned's subscription to purchase the Debentures described in the Subscription Agreement may be accepted. ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS QUESTIONNAIRE WILL BE TREATED CONFIDENTIALLY. The undersigned understands, however, that the Company may present this Questionnaire to such parties as it deems appropriate if called upon to establish that the proposed offer and sale of the Securities is exempt from registration under the 1933 Act, as amended. Further, the undersigned understands that the offering is required to be reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and to various state securities and "blue sky" regulators. IN ADDITION TO SIGNING THE SIGNATURE PAGE, IF REQUESTED BY THE COMPANY, THE UNDERSIGNED MUST COMPLETE FORM W-9.
QUESTIONNAIRE questionnaire prepared by the Client for the purposes of a survey and provided to Bilendi with the intention for it to be submitted to a sample of Panelists; Results: research, reports, tables and other documents produced by Bilendi based on the Data;
QUESTIONNAIRE. On or before the date hereof Executive has completed and returned to Employer a Directors and Officers Questionnaire (the “Questionnaire”) which is true and correct in all material respects.
QUESTIONNAIRE. Within seven (7) days of Licensor's request, You shall furnish Licensor or its designated independent auditor ("Auditor") a completed questionnaire provided by Licensor or Auditor, accompanied with a written statement signed by a director of Your Organization certifying the accuracy of the information provided; and