Programmes Sample Clauses

Programmes. 2.1 The expert must assist the Commission [as part of an expert group] with advice on: - designing EU [research and innovation][[other]] policy (including preparing future programmes in line with the Commission's guidelines) in accordance with the Terms of Reference set out in Annex 2. This involves, in particular, the following tasks: - reading and analysing the background information - participating in meeting(s) (if any) and - drafting and submitting the report(s) (and other deliverable(s), if any) set out in the Terms of Reference (see Annex 2). The precise scope of the work will be determined by the Commission and may include other specific tasks, such as rapporteur or chairperson tasks. [OPTION A: All work must be done remotely.][OPTION B: The work does not involve any remote work.] [OPTION C: The work involves remote work and work involving travel.]]
Programmes. ● Where programmes are produced by Southbank Centre the funder may receive a line credit, subject to Southbank Centre guidelines. This will need to be approved by the Development team. ● Requests to make bespoke ‘wraps’ for the programmes to be given to a funder’s guests will be considered. The wraps to be at the partners’ or sponsors’ expense, and their design is subject to Southbank Centre approval.
Programmes. 2.1 The school programme(s) approved through this MOU is shown below (select which programme(s) is to be offered): Refer to Appendix One for details of each programme Programme Overview Programme Number Programme name Tick if applicable Programme 1 ABL Course Programme 2 Outdoor Instructor and Park Ranger Pathway (2020) Programme 3 Potential Leaders Programme 4 Introduction to Rock Climbing and Abseiling
Programmes. 2.1 Foundationcampus shall run the following categories of programmes of study for Students (together the “Programmes”) from sites belonging to Birkbeck, University of London:
Programmes. This describes the technical activities planned for each of Mintek’s Strategic Business Units (SBUs). The activities are associated with either performing research and development, or providing products and services to the private sector. The following are Mintek’s programmes for the duration of this Shareholder Compact:
Programmes. To ensure our programme portfolio, curriculum, progression rates, and entry points are of high quality, attractive, open and accessible to people of all ages and from all social groups.
Programmes. All programmes organized by EFS which are recognized as such by the Executive Board of the EUR by being listed in the EUR’s register of non-initial education. Registration Form: the standard registration form provided by Erasmus Fiscal Studies BV to enable the Participant to register for the Programmes and that must be completed in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.2.
Programmes. Unit Title Level Credit 22771 Plan a beginner level coaching session for sport participants (v3) 3 6 31677 Coach beginner level participants through skill development activities for a selected sport (v1) 3 4 31678 Coach beginner level participants through skill development activities for a selected sport 3 4 Total credits 14
Programmes. 2.1 The school programme(s) approved through this MOU is shown below: NZ Certificate in Aquatics (Swim and Water Safety Teacher) L3 Unit Title Level Credit 29848 Demonstrate knowledge of safe working procedures and practices in a recreation workplace 3 5 29849 Demonstrate knowledge of professional practice in a recreation workplace 3 5 30122 Operate professionally and promote safe, enjoyable experiences in an aquatic facility 3 15 30125 Plan, deliver and review swimming and water safety lessons 3 15 Total credits 40
Programmes. We will conduct a three yearly programme review, annual monitoring of programme offerings, and seek to further develop the extensive foundation degree, franchise, and work-based learning activities specified in our Learning/Teaching and Growth strategy.