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Prepare. In steps 1-2 in the prepare phase (depicted in C
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Prepare. Before a meeting, give yourself time to review documents, assessments and records. If the agency you are meeting with will be reviewing new assessments or reports with you at the meeting, you can ask for a copy in advance. Consult with other parents, teachers and professionals about their experiences and suggestions. Make sure relevant team members and decision makers will be present at your meeting.
Prepare. Parents should introduce the idea of a contract, emphasizing the benefits of setting mutual expectations. Read through the discussion guide with your child and highlight topics you want to discuss together. Set a time for everyone to sit down and talk. Preparation should take about 15 minutes.
Prepare. This step contains all activities regarding data preparation. Data quality control is a major issue for CPs and they will perform most actions regarding quality control during this step.

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  • Reports The Depositary shall make available for inspection by Owners at its Office any reports and communications, including any proxy solicitation material, received from the Company which are both (a) received by the Depositary as the holder of the Deposited Securities and (b) made generally available to the holders of those Deposited Securities by the Company. The Company shall furnish reports and communications, including any proxy soliciting material to which this Section applies, to the Depositary in English, to the extent those materials are required to be translated into English pursuant to any regulations of the Commission.

  • Prepares a written decision based upon a review of the record that the invention was neither conceived nor first actually reduced to practice in the course of or under the contract and delivers the decision to Patent Counsel, with a copy to the Contracting Officer; or

  • Problem Statement School bus fleets are aging, and our communities have poor air quality. Replacing school buses with zero emission school buses will address both of these issues.

  • Update Each year the Plant Training Committee shall prepare an Update that reviews the Findings and modifies them based on changed circumstances, measures the success of the Training Program against its objectives and modifies the Training Program accordingly.

  • Preparation Awarded vendor shall not begin a project for which TIPS Member has not prepared the site, unless awarded vendor does the preparation work at no cost, or until TIPS Member includes the cost of site preparation in a purchase order. Site preparation includes, but is not limited to: moving furniture, installing wiring for networks or power, and similar pre-installation requirements. Registered sex offender restrictions: For work to be performed at schools, awarded vendor agrees that no employee of a sub-contractor who has been adjudicated to be a registered sex offender will perform work at any time when students are, or reasonably expected to be, present. Awarded vendor agrees that a violation of this condition shall be considered a material breach and may result in the cancellation of the purchase order at the TIPS Member’s discretion. Awarded vendor must identify any additional costs associated with compliance of this term. If no costs are specified, compliance with this term will be provided at no additional charge. Safety measures: Awarded vendor shall take all reasonable precautions for the safety of employees on the worksite, and shall erect and properly maintain all necessary safeguards for protection of workers and the public. Awarded vendor shall post warning signs against all hazards created by the operation and work in progress. Proper precautions shall be taken pursuant to state law and standard practices to protect workers, general public and existing structures from injury or damage.

  • E-Statements If we make this service available to you, you may agree to receive statements via electronic means, whereby your periodic statement will be e-mailed to you or sent electronically to, and made available on, our on-line banking website. Please see the provision, "Electronic Statements, Electronic Notices, Electronic Disclosures and Electronic Agreements" for more information regarding e-statements. Notices; e-Notices; Name or Address Change. Any written notice we give to you is effective when it is made available in our on-line banking system (if you have agreed to receive such notices electronically), or when it is deposited in the U.S. Mail, postage prepaid and addressed to you at the most recent mailing address on file with us. Notice to any account owner is considered notice to all account owners. Any written notice you give us is not effective until we actually receive it in our offices. You agree to notify us of any postal or e-mail address change or name change in writing. We reserve the right to require verification of your identity and proof of a change in address prior to making any changes in our records. We are only required to attempt to communicate with you at the most recent address you have provided to us. If you fail to provide notice of a change in address or name, and we attempt to locate you, we may impose a service fee as set forth on the Rates & Fees Schedule.

  • Submittal Reports, plans, surveys, field notes, original drawings, computer tapes, graphic files, tracings, calculations, analyses, reports, specifications, data, sketches and/or schematics prepared by A/E and supporting documents (collectively referred to hereinabove and hereinafter as the "A/E Work Product(s)"), shall be submitted by A/E on or before the dates specified for completion, as set out in the Production Schedule set forth in Exhibit C.

  • Report A report delivered by the Servicer to the Trustee or the Certificate Administrator pursuant to Section 3.10.

  • Settlement Statement A settlement statement setting forth the amounts paid by or on behalf of and/or credited to each of Purchaser and Seller pursuant to this Agreement;

  • Progress Reports The Recipient shall submit to the OPWC, at the OPWC's request, summary reports detailing the progress of the Project pursuant to this Agreement and any additional reports containing such information as the OPWC may reasonably require.

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