Personal Protective Equipment Review Sample Clauses

Personal Protective Equipment Review. Advise that all workers require CSA Class “B” hard-hat, CSA Grade 1,“Green patch”, (eight inch) footwear, and eye, ear, and respiratory protection as required (boots and hat at all times).
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  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE 1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend personal protective equipment (PPE) beyond a face covering when interacting with asymptomatic individuals who are not known to have COVID-19.

  • Personal Protective Equipment 64.1 While not being part of any issue of work clothing/equipment supplied (see clause 26), the Employer shall be required to provide personal protective equipment (SAA approved) for use, when necessary for the Employee to perform their required duties including:

  • Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment The Government considers operators as fireline personnel who will use and wear specified articles of personal protective equipment.

  • Personal Protective Clothing 11.1 On commencement of employment with the Employer each employee will be issued with the following; • Two pairs of overalls or agreed alternative such as two shirts and two pairs of pants or jeans. • One pair of approved safety boots to the value of $75.00 increasing to a value of $80.00 from 1 July 2006, increasing to a value of $85.00 from 1 July 2009. • One bluey jacket or agreed equivalent (May to October). Nylon jackets and those with metal zips shall not be acceptable. • Any other safety equipment deemed necessary for the safe conduct of work.

  • Protective Equipment 21.01 All employees shall wear safety hats to be made available by the Employer.

  • Computer Equipment Recycling Program If this Contract is for the purchase or lease of computer equipment, then Contractor certifies that it is in compliance with Subchapter Y, Chapter 361 of the Texas Health and Safety Code related to the Computer Equipment Recycling Program and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality rules in 30 TAC Chapter 328.

  • Personnel Equipment and Material Engineer shall furnish and maintain, at its own expense, quarters for the performance of all Engineering Services, and adequate and sufficient personnel and equipment to perform the Engineering Services as required. All employees of Engineer shall have such knowledge and experience as will enable them to perform the duties assigned to them. Any employee of Engineer who, in the reasonable opinion of County, is incompetent or whose conduct becomes detrimental to the Engineering Services shall immediately be removed from association with the Project when so instructed by County. Engineer certifies that it presently has adequate qualified personnel in its employment for performance of the Engineering Services required under this Contract, or will obtain such personnel from sources other than County. Engineer may not change the Project Manager without prior written consent of County.

  • Selection of Subcontractors, Procurement of Materials and Leasing of Equipment The contractor shall not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability in the selection and retention of subcontractors, including procurement of materials and leases of equipment. The contractor shall take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure nondiscrimination in the administration of this contract.

  • SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT Section 21.01. Landlord shall, at its cost and expense:

  • EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS 40.01 The Employer will make available all necessary tools and equipment it requires for the performance of work assignments at no cost to the employees. Such tools and equipment will remain the property of the Employer and the employees will be required to take reasonable care of this property and may be required to sign out certain equipment and tools.

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