Patron Sample Clauses

Patron. As used in this Pass Agreement (the “Agreement”), Patron means the undersigned individuals, as well as those family members listed on the Pass Application (the “Application”) and approved by the City.
Patron.   Attn:      Facsimile No.:  E-mail: 
Patron. Any Idaho citizen 18 years of age or older. Serving younger patrons is at the discretion of the lending library.
Patron consents to holding its event (“Event”) on (Date), including but not limited to 17001 Alico Commerce Ct Suite 401 and Suite 402, Fort Myers, FL 33967. Parking arrangements have been made at location at directed location.
Patron has completed the “Clean up Checklist”, which is to include such things as putting room back as it was found, garbage taken to the dumpster, all items brought in by Patron removed, Property Owner point of contact communicated with on the exit of property.