AMERITECH Sample Clauses

AMERITECH. As used herein "
AMERITECH. Ameritech has no liabilities or assets other than the approximately $2.3 million mortgage note referred to in Section 4(l) of the Security Agreement, which note will be transferred to the Borrower or a Subsidiary Guarantor within the 30 days following the Amendment Closing Date unless sold to a third party prior to such 30th day following the Amendment Closing Date. Ameritech will be dissolved within thirty (30) days following the Amendment Closing Date or as soon thereafter as practicable.
AMERITECH. ILLINOIS’ agreement to implement a CLEC Change is conditioned upon CLEC's agreement to pay all reasonable charges billed to CLEC for such CLEC Change.
AMERITECH. ILLINOIS shall reimburse CLEC for damages to CLEC's facilities utilized to provide or access Interconnection or unbundled Network Elements hereunder caused by the negligence or willful act of AMERITECH-ILLINOIS, its agents or subcontractors or SBC 13STATE's End User or resulting from AMERITECH-ILLINOIS’ improper use of CLEC's facilities, or due to malfunction of any facilities, functions, products, services or equipment provided by AMERITECH-ILLINOIS its agents or subcontractors OR AMERITECH- ILLINOIS’ End User. Upon reimbursement for damages, CLEC will cooperate with AMERITECH-ILLINOIS in prosecuting a claim against the person causing such damage. AMERITECH-ILLINOIS shall be subrogated to the right of recovery by CLEC for the damages to the extent of such payment.
AMERITECH. ILLINOIS shall perform hosting responsibilities for the provision of billable message data and/or access usage data received from CLEC for distribution to the appropriate billing and/or processing location or for delivery to CLEC of such data via Ameritech-Illinois’ internal network or the nationwide CMDS network pursuant to the applicable Appendix Hosting, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. OPERATOR SERVICES (OS) AMERITECH-ILLINOIS shall provide nondiscriminatory access to Operator Services under the terms and conditions identified in the applicable Appendix OS, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.
AMERITECH. By State Street Bank and Trust Company, as Trustee of AMERITECH PENSION TRUST By: /s/ X. Xxxxxxxx ------------------------------------- Name: X. Xxxxxxxx ----------------------------------- Title: Vice President ---------------------------------- Date: June 11, 1996 ----------------------------------- AMERICAN: -------- Nationsbank, as Trustee of THE AMERICAN AIRLINES, INC. MASTER FIXED BENEFIT TRUST By: /s/ Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx ------------------------------------- Name: Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx ----------------------------------- Title: Client Service Offices ---------------------------------- Date: May 20, 1996 ----------------------------------- EXHIBIT INDEX EXHIBIT A - PARTNERS OF THE LIMITED PARTNERSHIP EXHIBIT B - PROPERTIES EXHIBIT C - APPRAISAL ENGAGEMENT LETTER EXHIBIT D - DEBT BALANCES, REPAYMENT SCHEDULE AND PREPAYMENT PENALTY CALCULATIONS EXHIBIT E - FORM OF ASSIGNMENT AND ASSUMPTION AGREEMENT EXHIBIT F - ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES OF PURCHASE PRICE ALLOCATION EXHIBIT G - IDENTITY OF PARTNERS, OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS EXHIBIT H - LEGAL OPINIONS EXHIBIT I - ASSIGNMENT OF INTERESTS AND ASSUMPTION AGREEMENT
AMERITECH. Illinois shall have thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of CLEC’s Recourse Credit Claim Form to notify CLEC in writing if it disputes a request for a Recourse Credit. Such notice shall separately identify each request for Recourse Credit that is disputed, and the basis on which Ameritech-Illinois disputes the reimbursement. A request for a Recourse Credit which is not disputed in writing by Ameritech-Illinois within the thirty (30) calendar day period shall be reimbursed by Ameritech-Illinois, subject to Ameritech-Illinois’ right to seek recovery of credits pursuant to Section 6 of this Appendix.
AMERITECH. ILLINOIS shall provide to CLEC Interconnection of the Partiesfacilities and equipment for the transmission and routing of Telephone Exchange Service traffic and Exchange Access traffic pursuant to the applicable Appendix ITR, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by refer ence. Methods for Interconnection and Physical Architecture shall be as defined in the applicable Appendix NIM, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. TRANSMISSION AND ROUTING OF SWITCHED ACCESS TRAFFIC PURSUANT TO 251(C)(2) AMERITECH-ILLINOIS shall provide to CLEC certain trunk groups (Meet Point Trunks) under certain parameters pursuant to the applicable Appendix ITR, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. TRANSMISSION AND ROUTING OF TELEPHONE EXCHANGE SERVICE TRAFFIC PURSUANT TO SECTION 251(C)(2)(D); 252(D)(1) AND (2); 47 CFR § 51.305(A)(5). The applicable Appendix Compensation, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference, prescribe traffic routing parameters for Lo cal Interconnection Trunk Group(s) the Parties shall establish over the Interconnections specified in the applicable Appendix ITR, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. AIN One or more of the ILECs making up AMERITECH-ILLINOIS have deployed a set of AIN features and functionalities unique to the particular ILEC(s). As such, the AIN network architecture, methods of access and manner of provisioning are specific to that ILEC or those ILECs. Accordingly, any request for AIN access pursuant to this Agreement must be reviewed for technical feasibility, with all rates, terms and conditions related to such request to be determined on an individual case basis and to be negotiated between the Parties. Upon request by CLEC, and where technically feasible, AMERITECH-ILLINOIS will provide CLEC with access to AMERITECH-ILLINOIS' Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) platform, AIN Service Creation Environment (SCE) and AIN Service Management System (SMS) based upon ILEC-specific rates, terms, conditions and means of access to be negotiated by the Parties pursuant to Section 252 of the Act, and incorporated into this Agreement by Appendix or amendment, as applicable, subject to approval by the appropriate state Commission.
AMERITECH. ILLINOIS does not and shall not indemnify defend or hold CLEC harmless, nor be responsible for indemnifying or defending, or holding CLEC harmless, for any Claims or Losses for actual or alleged infringement of any Intellectual Property right or interference with or violation of any contract right that arises out of, is caused by, or relates to CLEC’s Interconnection with AMERITECH-ILLINOIS’ network and unbundling and/or combining AMERITECH-ILLINOIS’ Network Elements (including combining with CLEC’s Network Elements) or CLEC’;s use of other functions, facilities, products or services furnished under this Agreement. Any indemnities for Intellectual Property rights associated with unbundled network elements shall be vendor’s indemnities and are a part of the Intellectual Property rights AMERITECH-ILLINOIS agrees in Section 12.4.1 to use its best efforts to obtain.