Outstanding Sample Clauses

Outstanding. With respect to the Loans, the aggregate unpaid principal thereof as of any date of determination. With respect to Letters of Credit, the aggregate undrawn face amount of issued Letters of Credit.
Outstanding. When used with respect to Certificates, as of the date of determination and subject to the provisions of Section 10.04 of the Indenture, all Certificates theretofore executed and delivered under the Indenture, with the exception of the following:
Outstanding. With respect to the Certificates as of any date of determination, all Certificates theretofore executed and authenticated under this Agreement except (a) Certificates theretofore canceled by the Trustee or delivered to the Trustee for cancellation; and (b) Certificates in exchange for which or in lieu of which other Certificates have been executed and delivered by the Trustee pursuant to this Agreement. Outstanding Loan ---------------- As of any Due Date, a Loan with a Stated Principal Balance greater than zero, which was not the subject of a Principal Prepayment in Full prior to such Due Date and which did not become a Liquidated Loan prior to such Due Date. Overcollateralization Amount ---------------------------- As of any Distribution Date, the excess, if any, of (a) the Pool Principal Balance as of the last day of the immediately preceding Due Period over (b) the aggregate Class Certificate Balance of all Classes of Offered Certificates (after taking into account all distributions of principal on that Distribution Date).
Outstanding with respect to the Notes, as of any date of ----------- determination, all Notes theretofore authenticated and delivered under this Indenture except: