Exemption Sample Clauses

Exemption. If Subrecipient expends less than $750,000 in Federal Awards during its fiscal year, Subrecipient shall be exempt from Federal audit requirements for that year, except as noted in 2 CFR §200.503 (Relation to other audit requirements), but records shall be available for review or audit by appropriate officials of the Federal agency, the State, and the Government Accountability Office.
Exemption. The Department, notwithstanding any provisions of this Agreement, incorporations or amendments hereto, does not release or waive, expressly or impliedly, its right to assert sovereign immunity or any other affirmative or defensive right or claim it may have under law.
Exemption. The Trust shall not be liable for any matters arising from any cause beyond the Trust’s reasonable control or not due to the Trust’s negligence or willful default including (without limitation) death or personal injury of hirers their crew and passengers, loss or damage to property, non-fulfilment or interruption of the booking or delays, breakdowns, mechanical problems, defects, damage, restrictions or obstructions, repairs or damage to waterways, non- availability of routes, navigational works, storms, floods, droughts, ice, shortage of water or other weather conditions, rationing, shortage or non-availability of fuel or in respect of any consequential loss, damage. expense, injury, or claim. Hirers are recommended to take out personal holiday insurance cover.
Exemption. Any Foreign Lender that is entitled to an exemption from or reduction of withholding tax under the law of the jurisdiction in which an Obligor is resident for tax purposes, or any treaty to which such jurisdiction is a party, with respect to payments under any Loan Document shall deliver to Agent and Borrower Agent, at the time or times prescribed by Applicable Law or reasonably requested by Agent or Borrower Agent, such properly completed and executed documentation prescribed by Applicable Law as will permit such payments to be made without withholding or at a reduced rate of withholding. In addition, any Lender, if requested by Agent or Borrower Agent, shall deliver such other documentation prescribed by Applicable Law or reasonably requested by Agent or Borrower Agent as will enable Agent and Borrower Agent to determine whether or not such Lender is subject to backup withholding or information reporting requirements.
Exemption. Where either party fails to perform this Agreement in full or in part due to Force Majeure, such party shall be exempted from its responsibilities hereunder, to the extent of the Force Majeure in question and except where PRC law provides otherwise. For the avoidance of doubt, a party shall not be excused from performing its obligations hereunder where Force Majeure occurs following the delay by that party to perform this Agreement.
Exemption. The requirements of Section 15(a) do not apply to individuals who are excluded under ORS 653.010 to 653.261 or under 29 U.S.C. 201 to 209 from receiving overtime.
Exemption. In order to ensure the availability of the exemption under the Section 3(a)(10) Exemption, the Parties agree that the Arrangement will be carried out on the following basis:
Exemption. The Holder understands that the offer and sale of the --------- Securities is not being registered under the Securities Act based on the exemption from registration provided by Rule 506 promulgated under Section 4(2) of the Securities Act and that the Company is relying on such exemption;