No Rent Abatement Sample Clauses

No Rent Abatement. Tenant shall continue to pay all Rent due or accruing under this Lease during any Clean-up, and shall not be entitled to any reduction, offset or deferral of any Base Rent or Additional Rent due or accruing under this Lease during any such Clean-up.
No Rent Abatement. Rent shall not xxxxx hereunder by reason of any Casualty, any Event of Loss, any Event of Taking or any Condemnation of any portion of the Leased Property, and the Lessee shall continue to perform and fulfill all of the Lessee’s obligations, covenants and agreements hereunder notwithstanding such Casualty, Event of Loss, Event of Taking or Condemnation until the Lease Expiration Date.
No Rent Abatement. The rent payable under this Lease shall not abatx xx reason of any damage or destruction of the Premises by reason of an insured or uninsured casualty. Tenant hereby waives all rights under applicable law to abatx, xxduce or offset rent by reason of such damage or destruction.
No Rent Abatement. Tenant acknowledges that the work to be performed by Tenant pursuant to this Section 5.2 above shall, subject to Section above, be performed during the Suite 320 Expansion Space Term, that Tenant shall be entitled to (but shall not be obligated to) conduct business throughout the course of construction of such renovations and that Tenant shall not be entitled to any abatement of Rent, nor shall Tenant be deemed to be constructively evicted from the Premises, as a result of the construction of such renovations.
No Rent Abatement. No abatement, diminution or reduction of rent, charges or other compensation shall be claimed by or allowed to Tenant, or any persons claiming under Tenant, under any circumstances, whether for inconvenience, discomfort, interruption of business or otherwise, arising from the making of Alterations or repairs to any improvements now on or which may hereafter be erected on the Premises, by virtue or because of any present or future Legal Requirements or by virtue or arising from, and during, the restoration of the Premises after the destruction or damage thereof by Casualty or other cause or the taking or condemnation of the Premises (except as otherwise expressly provided for in Article 19 or 20) or arising from any other cause or reason.
No Rent Abatement. Rent will not abatx xxxding the repairs or rebuilding of the Leased Property.