MTA Sample Clauses

MTA. The term “MTA” shall mean that certain Materials Transfer Agreement for Evaluation of Materials between TSRI and Licensee dated January 26, 2009.
MTA. This MTA will be effective upon the date specified at the --- beginning of this MTA, and will remain in force for a period of [*], unless otherwise terminated as provided in Section 8.c. After this initial term of [*], this MTA will automatically renew for additional terms of [*] each, unless 90 days or more prior to the end of either the initial term or any subsequent term either party provides the other party with written notice terminating this MTA.
MTA. Either Party may request that the Parties enter into a commercially reasonable material transfer agreement, which agreement shall apply to all future transfers of biological or other materials made in connection with this Agreement and which agreement shall be consistent with and supersede the terms of this Section 8.8, and shall otherwise be subject in all respects to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
MTA. Buyer and Sellers shall execute and deliver to each other this Agreement;
MTA. The term
MTA. The Parties agree that to ensure the exchange of Materials, Enzymes or Licensed Enzymes, if needed, they will execute a MTA in the form of attached Appendix E, which shall be attached hereto and made a part hereof. If the CDA Agreement is deemed sufficient by the Parties for that exchange, then an MTA shall not be required.
MTA. To use Voice Service, Customer may need a multimedia terminal adapter (“MTA”), application layer gateway (“ALG”), analog telephone adapter (“ATA”) or other adapter device. Customer can lease an MTA from Comcast, in which case it will be Comcast Equipment. Customer agrees to keep the MTA plugged into a working electrical power outlet at all times.