Morgan Sample Clauses

Morgan. W., Chang, P.C., Gupta, S., Brenier, J.M.: Automatically detecting action items in audio meeting recordings. In: Proceedings of the 7th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue, Sydney, Australia. Association for Computational Lin- guistics, pp. 96–103 (2006)
Morgan. By: ------------------------------------- THE MUHL FAMILY TRUST
Morgan. If the IT Process Agent shall cease to act as agent for service of process, the Issuer Trustee shall appoint, without unreasonable delay, another such agent, and notify J.P. Morgan of such appointment. The Issuer Trustee represents to the Underwriters that it has notified the IT Process Agent of such designation and appointment and that the IT Process Agent has accepted the same in writing. The Issuer Trustee hereby authorizes and directs the IT Process Agent to accept such service. The Issuer Trustee further agrees that service of process upon the IT Process Agent and written notice of that service to it shall be deemed in every respect effective service of process upon it in any such legal suit, action or proceeding. Nothing in this Section 16 shall affect the right of any Underwriter or any person controlling any Underwriter to serve process in any other manner permitted by law.
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Morgan v. United States, 298 U,S. 468, 479 (1936).
Morgan v Fry, Judgement of Lord Denning. A note was held to be sufficient when it was “at least as long as the notice required to terminate the contract”; after all, “the men can leave their employment altogether by giving a week’s notice to terminate it. That would be a strike which would be perfectly lawful. If a notice to terminate is lawful, surely a lesser notice is lawful; such a notice that “we will not work alongside a non-unionist”.(Morgan v Fry, Judgement of Lord Denning).
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